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“Light is far most the important thing for a painter. Only with the right light fall I can create my paintings. It’s a continues search for color, form, shade and expression of materials.

In order to make the right composition that challenges me to paint.”


Ever since Berry Kuiper(1958 Hoorn) visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as a child, he has been fascinated by the world famous paintings of the Old Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.

During a guided tour at the Westfries Museum (Hoorn) he already pictured himself behind a painter’s easel.

His favorite objects to paint have to be worn, such as a gluepot, a mortar or an antique kettle, brightened up with the freshness of fruit, insects or flowers.The way in which he reproduces glass or deceitfully expresses his material or old wood makes it impossible to imagine the twentieth century without Kuiper.

Berry Kuiper mainly exhibits in museums and his own gallery but his paintings has been sold around the world in countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan and Oman.



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