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Life Events

From the age of 18 he was dedicated to the world of plastic arts, developing in different areas such as painting, sculpture and graphic design.

From an early age he has the opportunity to live in the Amazon along with the Yanomami, Maquiritare, Guahibo and Warao Tribes, cultures that influenced his way of perceiving nature, which he can later express in his art.

He takes art studies in different schools, complementing his training with the personal study of several artists and techniques, until developing his own style. For 20 years he lives in Central America where he studies the Mayan Culture, to later move to Spain, specifically to Galicia, where the Celtic origins of this territory ended up marking his work. Art director, graphic designer and freelance illustrator.

Graduated in Pure Art at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Art; graduated in Illustration in the School of Illustration and Advertising Drawing, Francisco Pimentel and graduated in Presentation Techniques, Storyboard, Faces and Comic in the Creative Stable with Master Raúl Ávila.

Make studies of faces in charcoal and colored pencil at the School of Galeandro, advertising and architectural drawing in the Zing Passage with Maestro Fariña and techniques of Comic and Cartoon at the Cartoon School López and Allaco. Likewise, he prepares as a professor at Esco, Grupo Enlace, taught by Mr. Ángel Sánchez, in Honduras. Graduated from the CEID (Center for Integral Design Studies), as an advertising graphic designer. For 10 years he was Owner and teacher of the Academy of Art, Drawing and Illustration Chamo Estudio and Professor at the University of Architecture and Design CEDAC in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Between 2014 and 2018, he taught drawing and painting workshops in Galicia, Spain. For more than 35 years he has worked in Venezuela, Central America and Spain for companies in the communication sector, in fields as diverse as Internet, Corporate Identity and brand applications; direction and development of projects for publishers, national and international companies and communication and advertising agencies. Photographic realization for performing arts companies and models for fashion houses. As a freelance illustrator he works for several companies in Venezuela, Central America and Spain.


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