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Christian Umberger was born in New Jersey in 1947, not long after the Second World War. He has had seven decades of observing the massive upheavals that were the 20th century. This broad spectrum of TV historicity has touched his art to a large extent, especially that incredibly fertile period in the late 1960’s, the Hippie Movement. He studied black and white photography in university and learned the intricacies of developing and printing art photographs as well. He continued in this direction until in the 1970’s when he fell in love with color photography. All of this coincided with his developing a profound appreciation of ancient and classical Gnosticism as well as a diligent study of the Chinese I Ching, all of which which marked a paradigm shift in his world view and especially in his aesthetics. This period brought about  from his mind a gushing forth of Symbolist artworks and poems. Originally a painter in oils & watercolors in addition to photography, at this time, he devotes most of his attention to digital media, believing firmly that only digital art can communicate his artistic vision effectively into a firm whereby he can ultimately share his vision with others. Although he has taken many art courses beginning in high school AP art, he considers himself as self-taught. He considers himself a very quick study and thus has worked in a myriad of jobs as a psychotherapist, a social worker and child advocate, and a clergyman working in Philadelphia with the homeless (in addition to being a very private artist who prefers his unapologetically introvert lifestyle). He presently lives in the Deep South with his two rescued feral cats, Puck & Tabitha.

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