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Life Events

Mrs. Çiğdem Altınöz

She was born in 1956 in İstanbul – Kadıköy.

She began writing poetry in 1968 and continued to this day without interruption.

During her high school years, she received awards in poetry.

Her works have been published in various anthologies, magazines and newspapers.

Her poetry book ‘Ben Yağmurum’ (I am rain ) was published in 1999.

Emphasizing the themes of love, separation and longing, Altınöz has tried to reflect her experiences from life and her interactions with the events that took place around him.

Çiğdem Altınöz, who also served as the culture-art editor of the Bonbon Kids children’s magazine, which started its publication in 2006 in order to help Turkish children living in America learn Turkish better, writes children’s poem and fairy tales and her works have been published in many issues of this magazine. (2006-2012)

Between 2005 and 2010, she worked as the editor-in-chief of Afyon Kocatepe Haber and Yeni İstiklal news portals.

In the past years, she had columns in Belexpres newspaper, which was published in Belgium, and Actual Magazine and Common Sense in Germany, Antakya newspaper, Antoloji.com, 3 point meaning platform, Milliyet blog and Anne size.com, covering articles and poems over the internet. .

Çiğdem Altınöz’s poetry and novel studies, which she has not been able to published until today, and a guide book called Touching the Angels, which she has prepared to help families with children with Down syndrome, are also available.

During her school years, she was interested in literature and made watercolor / oil paintings.

After her retirement, she concentrated on painting portraits with watercolor / gouache mixed techniques

In her works, the artist, who tries to raise awareness to end the suffering of the children who are victims of war, has been the subject of news with her works on TV channels and newspapers that have received great attention with her collections «Children don’t cry »  , «If you laugh, the world will laugh» and «Diriliş Ertuğrul» collection.


It is possible to see the painting works at the following addresses.





Exhibitions: Birth of Mother Earth / 2018


Works: I’m the Rain / Poetry-1999 – 4th Dimension Eps / Negative publishing


A compilation of her works:

Younger Poets Anthology (1973), Turkey newspaper (and poems), local newspapers in various cities, Bonbon Kids- term children’s magazines published in America

Havuz @ magazine (January 2006 / poetry), London Olay newspaper (poetry-2006),

Corridor Culture-Art-Literature magazine (2007), AphrodisiAs-Art Magazine (2007-2008),

Yağmur Language, Culture, Literature Magazine (2007) Deli Mavi Sevdalar Poetry Anthology (2007), Gündüz Kitabevi Publications Ankara Poetry Wind Poetry Anthology (2009) Ümit Ofset Matbaacılık-Ankara ,  Türkçem Magazine (Kosovo-poetry-fairy tale-column)



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