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Csaba Jávorka (1950) received a degree in Hungarian History from the teacher training college in Pécs. He has been drawing and painting since he was a child, but started to do painting seriously in the seventies. He trained himself in self-taught ways and in the creative camps of renowned painters. In the eighties, his landscapes, nudes and still lifes painted in individual style became popular. He has his own, individual style of the nineties and has been exhibiting regularly since then. His pictures are mostly abstract.
He classifies his own painting in the abstract style. After lyrical abstract images, he became a practitioner of ORGANIC ABSTRACT in the first decade of the millennium. However, in the last decade (though the previous mournful style features have been preserved) he refers to his painting as PSYCHO-ART, referring to himself as a representative of psychedelic painting, which refers primarily to pictorial representations and meanings (rather than images created by the use of mind-altering agents). born.). This style is characterized by the absence of calm dots in the image (despite the fact that these images are very positive in their final effect and harmonious in their effect). It reduces the forms to almost cells and then rebuilds them. Everything is in motion, the observer senses that the image may change at any moment. The eternal change of the world, the transformation of the passing away, the cycle of rebirth is revealed …. that is, in the eternal change of Life itself (not in its visual image): the mystery of the mystery of birth and death is revealed in these images. Its colors are strong (no pure tube colors, or use in exceptional cases), and the richness of the gradients is characteristic of these images. At first glance, his compositions are crowded, but his individual vision is manifested here as well. The picture is not a standalone composition, but a cut out of reality. The viewer has the impression that this visual world continues beyond all sides, to the infinite. “

He has exhibited his pictures in numerous group and solo exhibitions both at home and abroad (Germany, Austria).–legujabb-festmenyeim/

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