Dagmar Renée Ritter

Dagmar Renée Ritter


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Life Events

Dagmar Renée RITTER

Born in Vienna

“University of Vienna”, studied biology and education science,           also attended the “Vienna Artschool”,taking lessons there by         Mag. Peter Carer, Prof. Fritz Martins and Prof. Roman Haller

Studied panting and graphic at the “University of applied Arts”         in Vienna, at the masterclass of Prof Wolfgang Hutter, left with   diploma.

Worked as artist and teacher of art at the “Art History Museum” of Vienna, and at some schools.

Also worked as an administrator and eventmanager for 10 years

Since 2008 only working as an artist.

Since 2009 Learning computer graphic, 3D-animation, photography und webdesign.

Since 2012 can be found in the “Lexikon der fantastischen Künstler” (Lexicon Of artists Of Fantastic Realism)

2013 Started sculpturing, working on the first masks

Since 2016 mostly working on Digital Paintings

Since 2017 can be found in the “Lexikon phantastischer Künstlerinnen” (Lexicon Of Female Artists Of Fantastic Realism)

Since 2017 durable online exhibition of my artworks at the art showcase ” El Drama de Aly”

2018 The Heroine’s Journey of Dagmar Renée Ritter (Female Artists Interviews at the online magazine: The Heroine’s Journey)

In during my artistic activity, I have repeatedly learned that my pictures do not frighten the recipient, but his personal deep-seated fears which he interprets into the paintings. Fears that had been forced into the subconscious, where they were comfortably dormant, until, by the conscious reflection on my pictures, they unexpectedly awakened and took shape in their entire form.

My themes are visible reactions to external impressions, which are diving through my dark soul and appear dimmed at the surface of my artwork. l have still not seen immaculate beauty and likewise, I also never met absolute ugliness. That is why beauty and ugliness in my pictures are inextricably linked!
There are often interesting structures or smaller, simple objects, which are the impulse of my thoughts and often especially that triggers can be found again in the details of my paintings or sculptures. Producing art is an overwhelming feeling of joy and deep contemplative satisfaction. It is my religion, my prayer, my inner conversation.

The techniques and materials are my instruments. Shapes and colors are the melodies. Finally, the image is a snapshot of the constantly flowing river of thoughts.
The discover, observe, analyze and associate as well as the critical question are my drive to create new. My black humor is the buffer for the absurd things that happen and is also a central theme of my life.

Traditional painting and modern computer techniques determined my work. Finally, I connected the knowledge and found my favorit technique in Digital Art. Because the medium gives me all potentialities to develop my fantasy, instead of hampering the flow of my ideas by drying times and problems caused by traditional materials, which I always saw as to slow for the stream of my ideas. Or maybe I’m much to impatient, by bringing my fantasy to Life!


Profile Photo-Dagmar Renée RITTER (2)
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Beast Mistress_Digital Painting_Dagmar Renée RITTER
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Religious Assimilation_Digital Painting_Dagmar Renée RITTER
Grim Reaper-You are the next_Digital Painting_Dagmar Renée RITTER
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