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The eye is my engine and my hand the actress of my thought … Still-life, landscape, portrait, genre scenes, etc: everything interests me! But the search for life in a work is my first goal. A landscape without characters is a soulless life … I’m in love with the Impressionists, Chardin, the great Norman Rockwell

1964-1966 Food packaging designer at the “MONO-SERVICE” company in Paris.

1966-1972 offset editor at the printing press “Les Petits Fils de Léonard DANEL” in LOOS-lez-Lille.

1972-1977 Photoengraver at the “Gérard HASBROUCQ” printing press at TOURCOING then at RONCQ

1977-1987 Model maker, head of manufacturing studio, then Artistic Director for advertising agencies

1987-1988 Artistic director then Creative Director at the advertising agency “CHAMPAGNE” in Tourcoing.

1988-1999 CEO of my advertising products company “Daniel BOUSSETON”.

1999-2002 Head of advertising creative studio at the newspaper “AUTREMENT-DIT” in Lille.

-Figurative painter passionate about illustration and painting since the age of 11 (I’m 75).

– Excels in all fields: still life, landscape, portrait, genre scene, caricature, comic strip .

– Acrylic painting, oil painting, pastel, sanguine, “search for effects of matter”.

– Mediumistic painting.


– 2nd prize in an international comic book contest organized by Spirou newspaper in 1980.

– 1st prize 2005 “Painting and drawing” organized by CRAM Nord-Picardie.
– hyper-realistic illustrator, photoengraver, printer, very thorough knowledge of the graphic chain.

– Companion of the “European Artistic Merit of Brussels”.

– Adherent and Vice-President to the Roubais Painters (Roubaix-59)

– Member of the “Croisières Painters” (Cross-59)

– Member of the “Figures” Group of TOURNAI (Belgium)

– Member of the “Royal Artistic Circle of MOUSCRON”, the CRAM (Belgium)

– Adherent of the group of “Artists of the Old Lille” (Lille-59)

– Confirmed portraitist, specialist in dry pastel.

– Draftsman of political portraits for a weekly newspaper in the North of France

– Animator and teacher of drawing and painting at the city of Hem for the association “HEM-LOISIRS”.

– Member of “MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA” under the title of Chevalier at No. 241.

– Silver Medal at the 49th edition of the Wattrelos Exhibition



– Many personal and collective exhibitions in North and South-West France .

– The Club des 4, The Club des 6, The Roubais Painters, The Painters Croisiens.

– Companion to the “Mérite Artistique Européen” of Brussels (MAE)

– The Painters of Old Lille. – To the Independent Artists of Lille and surroundings.

– Member and exhibitor at the “Royal Artistic Circle of MOUSCRON”, the CRAM (Belgium).

Hem Town Hall, Franchomme de Hem Farm, Hem, Lannoy, Croix, Wavrin, Leers CAS, Wambrechies, Lys-lez-Lannoy, Roubaix, Templeuve, Wattrelos,
“The Artists of the Shadow”, at Robersart Castle in Wambrechies, etc.
Company QUARADE at Wambrechies, Mouscron (Gallery C), Comines, Soignies (Belgium), Lille, the Cloth Hall of Tournai (Belgium) with the “Figures Group” etc).

– Exhibitor at the HOTELIA of Marcq-en-Baroeul, the Residence des Aulnes de HEM.

– Participates very regularly in local exhibitions in the south-west of France.

– Exhibition of 130 works for the benefit of the “Restos du Coeur” of Northern France (2012).

– Volunteer teacher teacher at the HEM-LOISIRS Association of HEM.

I work passionately from nature, from photo, from various inspirations: portraits of adults or children can be made from pictures that I make or from yours.

The works are done on canvas, on selected wood, (for oils or acrylics) and Pastel-Card for pastels.

Pastel, acrylic but especially oil painting remain my favorite techniques ..


Les fuyards rattrapés
Le Rodeo
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