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DER THOMAS Dieckmann


Life Events

The almost blind painter, Thomas Dieckmann, Artist name “Der Dieckmann”, residing in Rees, was born in Summer 1960 in West Harz, Germany and grew up in Cologne. He worked as a civil servant at the city of Cologne.
In 1997 he was retired, because of a Macula degeneration. Now his lifelong passion, painting, has become a big challenge. With only about ca. 2-3% eyesight and very powerful magnifying glasses he reached a restview as big as a coin.
As a painting tool Thomas Dieckmann mainly uses a toothpick, because he can not feel the contact to the canvas with a brush. He likes to paint nostalgic cityviews from his memory, with great attention to detail.
His color palette includes only 4 complementary colors red, yellow, green and blue, which he mixes with black or white.
Since 2010, he participated in many exhibitions and events.
In September 2018 he was awarded with the 2nd place of the “International Art Award 2018, Ingolstadt” by ABC Company.
In Oktober 2018 some of his works were published in the “World Virtual Museum”, Haifa, by Adi Lasri
In January 2019 he has been nominated to the “Palm Award 2019”, also he is registrated as artist in the book publikation “Who’s Who in Visual Art 100 Top Fine Artists of Our Day” Vol. 2020.
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