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Life Events

Simona Chiusolo was born on the 8 april 1975.

She studied and got a Diploma in Applied Arts in her State school of Arts.

After that she graduated in Architectural subjects and participated to some stages extra maenia.

She is self taught in painting moved by her great love for Art.

In her paintings she uses lots of techniques, but basically finger paintings choosing most of all oil and acrylic colours.

Her art is based on vividness of colours themselves and her canvas look deeply striking and alive.

Her paintings are published and appreciated by several art sites worldwide.

simona 8
simona 9
simona 6
simona 10
simona 11
simona 3
simona 2
simona 5
simona 4
simona 1
Dipinti Simona 2
Dipinti Simona 9
Dipinti Simona 4
Dipinti Simona 1
Dipinti Simona 5
Dipinti Simona 10
Dipinti Simona 3
Dipinti Simona 6
Dipinti Simona 7
Dipinti Simona 8
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