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Eiji Yasumori was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Forced to stay at home due to illness, he began to draw. He was inspired by the images of Anime on TV and the final scene in the film, “A Dog of Flanders,” the depiction of Peter Paul Rubens’ “Descent” left him awestruck. It was the source of inspiration for the world of fantasy he draws today.After graduating from Kyushu Sangyo University, where he studied Foundation of Art, he worked in the advertising industry, adding to his skill set through the years.After accumulating enough experience, he decided to do freelance work and has been ever since. His work takes him to the limitless world of the imaginary, filled with fairies, goddesses, mermaids, and angels.Yasumori brings this world to life through expressive use of vibrant colors, masterful layouts, and traditional craftsmanship, all  digitally executed. Inspired by the masters of the past, reality and fantasy intertwine to bring out his original world, to which he is a keen observer and hopefully, the viewer will be as well.

Wild horse
BlueHawaii and Fairy
Goddess of sunset
Unicorns and Artemis
Goddess of lakeside
When to be reborn