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Biography (Publication Doctor P. Prerilli Art and Contemporary Artists Rome 2016)

Gabriele Franceschetti was born in Ferrara on 4 July 1967.

An artist whose fundamental principle is creativity in its absolute state, he loved as a young man all the games and destinies of Matter, the very DNA of art.

Ideas, shapes and voids (seen as light by the artist) that through his hands were going to come true. Polymethacrylate, with the use of new materials and technologies, was fundamental for him at the debut with the Banquet, a work of art design.

Larivela, work associated with the true expression “New Technology” of Italian manufacturing and the reuse of materials.

His latest novelty is the Riquadro fruit of continuity with young painters of light, where light is elevated to the nth.

1988  – Professional training certificate 238096 Gueret France. 15.12.88.

Recognized technological teaching of the French State.

Approved group 5 BEB / CAP Electrical equipment

(Publication of Official Gazette France Ministry of Labor) .

  1. Tax: FRNGRL67L04D548T.

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Gabriele Franceschetti was born in Ferrara on 04/07/1967 and graduated in France in 1988 where he began an international career in the electrical engineering sector.

The passion for art was born during childhood where at the age of 8 he won a school art competition for the best hand-painted kite. Over the years I have always cultivated a passion for art by creating amateur artistic creations out of pure passion.

In 2013/14 he debuted with the unpublished work Banchetto SIAE end OLAF copyright, the Makers and the week of the future international expo Milan. It is recognized as a new work and seen on TV in the regional newscast.

In 2015 the MISEL trademark is registered and registered

The Banquet Work is put on display in the ART fairs in Padua Bolzano Ferrara Modena and subsequently exhibited in various Italian cities. Participate in Winter Wonderland

Description: The work is an installation that works with solar recharging batteries, free from the electricity grid, work inspired by the Piazza Ariostea XVI century Biagio Rossetti, represents an interactive table with light sound images and computer with multiscreen and projector with giant screen like cinema , internet, comes equipped with 10 high quality micro cars like Ferrari Lamborghini Audi Ford etc. Cars are radio-controlled wirless. The table has a lap counting device and audio commentary of the race that allows to identify the winner. Table for drinking, listening to music, watching movies or track for micro car races. It is assembled and disassembled without screws forming 4 suitcases that are carried with a normal city car.

Group exhibitions, personal art, galleries, museums, international awards for art, criticism, and publications in catalogs.

Biennale d’arte contemporanea internazionale Castello Estense 2015.

Artista permanente presso Muses art gallery di Mantova 2015/2016.

Genius in Gallery artisti selezione 2’15

La gabbia collettiva d’arte Mantova capitale Italiana della cultura, 2016.

Apparizione sul Giornale di REGGIO artisti la Gabbia 2016

Le Parole del cuore, collettiva d’arte, EX gallery Roma, 2016.

Arte e Artisti pubblicazione catalogo e intervista televisiva SKY, 2016

Basel Art BOX progetto aeroporto internazionale mostra collettiva

Switzerland, 2017.

Percorsi D’arte Televisione intervista all’artista 2017.

Pubblicazione M.A.C rivista d’arte nazionale 2015.

Meme expo e Telegiornale per evento installazione artistica, 2015.

Tra Picasso e Mirò Bruges collettiva Francia 2015. Museo.

Apparizione giornale La Nuova Ferrara x Biennale. 2015.

Catalogo Biennale Ferrara 2015.

Collettiva la mappa del pensiero Mantova 2016.

Pubblicazione il Giornale artisti La mappa del pensiero.

Gauguin i pittori del 2000 Roma arte TV e catalogo. 2016

Su la maschera Venezia Arte 2017.

Premio Internazionale Milano d’arte 2017.

Pubblicazione cataloghi numerati Milano arte 8 opere. 2017.

Premio internazionale d’arte Berlino, pubblicazione catalogo 2017.

Eccellenze museali museo civico Palermo, trofeo e pubblicazione catalogo, 2017.

Biennale internazionale d’arte museo Gonzaga Mantova, 2017.

Premio internazionale d’arte Paolo Levi Milano 2017.

Artista permanente presso Maison d’art Padova centro accademico,2017.

Inserimento archivio storico dei Mastri d’arte Centro accademico Padova, 2017.

Milano art Gallery Premio Margherita Hack ritratto Margherita. 2017.

Pubblicazione Catalogo Milano art Gallery, 2017.

Collezione Sgarbi 2 opere, 2018.

Art Box Zvizzera collettiva New York city 2018.

Premio internazionale d’arte Canaletto Accademico belle arti Venezia. 2018.

Museo Buonarroti 2018.

Museo Modigliani 2018.

Centro accademico Padova arte e spiritualità, 2018.

Personale D’arte Palazzo Zacco Padova centro accademico 2018. Oltre l’irreale poetico dell’immaginario nei dipinti del Maestro G.F.

Albo d’oro dei Maestri d’oggi, centro accademico Padova, 2018.

Collettiva Roma Arte via Margutta Buio e Luce, 2018.

Archivio del nuovo millennio Vittorio Sgarbi, pubblicazione catalogo.2018

Gran premio città di Padova artista dell’anno, centro accademico.2018.

Premio internazionale d’arte Raffaello, Bologna 2018. Vittorio Sgarbi.

Criticisms received: Del Dottore Antonio Castellana critico d’arte.

Its most recent production of aesthetic art is considered among the most stimulating of the current Italian panorama. for the personal chromatic research and for the original fusion of two fundamental experiences. of contemporary art such as abstract art and informal art ..

Artist of marked sensitivity Gabriel. Franceschetti brings together fantasy and love for beauty. The artist draws on the themes of his works. both from his ideas and his concepts. going to make polymaterial works often moving from foreign bodies. Such as. miniature cars. outlining itself as a self-supporting mobile structure. Most of the time it is a case of hanging. or support. with a remote control to adjust the LED light intensity. That. turns it into a lamp.

The scenic construction is carried out inside the support with acrylic colors and light surface. smooth ,. protective ,. the external interlocking part resting on the picture protects the handmade painting inside. Inventor. of a new type of art. overlooking the national art scene. therefore relying on an unprecedented artistic realization. consistent with the poetic sense that the artist pursues. All to give prominence to environments in which. Perspective spaces are allusive. of a continuity between the support and the protections that surround the compositions. this is due to an aesthetic factor but also to condense a universe without time. is between dream and reality. It is a syncretic capacity to add culture and art. in a single perception. to confirm a vision. aesthetic filtered with sensitivity e. intelligence.

As a young man he loved games. E. the destiny of the matter to go beyond the expected. E. to discover new worlds to explore e. to investigate.

Exactly for this reason. he is considered a time traveler to learn about new realities. E. to make them in his research, especially for a material like polymethacrylate with the use of new technologies and new technologies with fluorescent colors that makes his works so interesting. His great message translates into an invitation to appreciate and love art. through idealization. “That no one can ever turn off art”. more we remove light and. plus the composition issues it. Gabriel. Franceschetti. Artist. creative has therefore devised a new type of art. filed with the visual arts of Rome. whose fundamental principle is pure creativity, creating a mobile structure. E. self-supporting. that starts from Fontana’s spatialism. and nuclear art. In the final analysis it can be said. that the artist proposes a new code of inquiry. a scrupulous and careful work through a lucid dream that internalizes ,. sediments and points out the reality of communicating it.

Dottore Sandro Serra di Falco critico d’arte.

L’arte di Gabriele Franceschetti.

Essential and direct, Gabriele Franceschetti draws up his own graphic design scheme to make the material creation of his works easier. Not only his technical preparation, but also a theoretical and subsequently practical preparation, which reveals a great precision of artistic action. The modern inspiration of his works probably stems from the intrinsic need of the artist, to renew pre-existing and by now customs-cleared stylistic canons.

The rewriting of the alphabet that composes this new sign language, then, is expressed in an evident graphic symbolism, simple geometric shapes that play with their own three-dimensionality and with chromatic elements, the colors are multiple and mix with great harmony. The mixture between the hardness of certain shapes and the soft dynamism of the colors makes his works diversified, never monotonous and also emphasizes the vastness of the themes that Gabriele Franceschetti faces. A new artistic horizon reveals a change, giving the master the possibility of becoming an innovator of the sign.

Premio Raffaello Bologna Arte, Vittorio Sgarbi, Sandro Serradifalco.

For the particular artistic sensibility and for the marked communicative dowry. Original and refined expressive abilities, in vogue in the continuous evolution of the styles of the contemporary artistic panorama. A mastery of the expressive technique that is renewed, distinguishing itself with singular compositional and creative strength.

Artista dell’anno centro accademico Dottoressa Carla d’Aquino Mineo Critica d’arte.

Tra storia ed innovazione nei dipinti del Maestro Gabriele Franceschetti.

Beyond the historical avant-gardes of art. Beyond the evocation of American pop art, in the very conceptualization of the image, studying a new language of artistic renewal, between painting and sculpture, between darkness and light and design in the search for polymethacrylate with fluorescent and phosphorescent acrylic colors, distinguishes the splendid creations by maestro Gabriele Franceschetti. This is why the focus of all his experience is on the three-dimensional illuminated image in a new and geometric compositional construct that determines a dynamic conception of the pictorial plot, in which abstract components are evident in a processing of plastic art that enhances a vibrant emotionality in three-dimensional dreams. On the creative path, the Maestro Gabriele Franceschetti, then developed an unprecedented idea of ​​art in the variety of inspirational elements, where the creative structures develop into objects of the environment like unusual lamps that radiate a particular brightness in the chromatic and material alchemy. Here then, the aggregation of concepts of pictorial use and material support in the transparency of light, give substance to formal and coloristic suggestions, orienting the observer in the poetics of the imaginary with a very fine interpretative reading. In the end, his painting-sculpture alludes in the infinite geometric solutions to visible reality and to the collective imagination, filtered with the sensitivity of the author, while new expressions in the vitreous transparency emerge in the variety of techniques used with skillful mastery for an unprecedented trend of ‘art.




Castello Estense

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