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Life Events

Guido Vedovato was born in 1961 in the north east of Italy. He is a self-taught painter and sculptor, his first exhibition was in 1986.

His works are acquired and exhibited by the following museums:

State Museum of Naïve Art in Moscow – Russia,

Museum of Naive Art in Jagodina – Serbia,

Kovacica naïve art gallery – Kovacica – Serbia

National Naive Art Museum Cesare Zavattini – Italy,

Bages International Naive Art Museum – France,

Slovenian Naive Art Museum in Trebnje – Slovenia,

MAN Naive Art Museum Béraut – France,

International Naive Art Museum – Spain,

International Naive Art Museum Y. M. Daigle – Canada,

Vihorlatske Muzeum Humenné – Slovak Republic,

MIDAN International Naive Art Museum Vicq – France,

Musée d’Art Spontané, Brussels Belgium,

Naive Art Museum – Lauro – Italy,

Museum of Naive Art in Kecskemet – Hungary

Municipality of Evere – Bruxelles – Belgium

Szombathely Art Museum – Szombathely – Hungary

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