Hervé Namias studied at the ESAG (Graduate School of Graphic Arts) Met De Penninghen, in Paris.

During about twenty years, he exercises his know-how in the world of advertising and communication.

Today freed from promotional constraints, he let his imagination fuse unhindered.

All means are good for fixing on paper these images which, he says, spring from his tools – pencils, felts, feathers, coffee, watercolor, digital tools.

herve 2

The line is frank, the dark universe and the colors he works warmly nuance pictures who speak uncompromisingly about people and the world.

He is secretly accompanied in his career by names of drawing and painting such as M.C. Escher, Jérôme Bosch, Moebius, Robert Crumb.


herve 3

It was a long time in the music that Hervé gave free rein to his imagination and expressed with  crudeness his vision of the world. And then, in a meander of life, the imagination is unleashed and music is no longer enough; the line must come out. And it goes out.

It is a burst of productions as essential as the breathing, in a movement of alternation where each expiration corresponds to a need to extract what overwhelms it.

The result is the zoom on a box of Comic Strip and gives off a certain strangeness.

From one drawing to another, it is not a serene walk that Hervé Namias offers us, but a turbulent excursion giving us to see, faces in situations, a world where innocence has disappeared.

(The text is signed by Ninon Moszkowski)