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Life Events

Year of birth – 1961
Place of birth – Novopskov, Lugansk region
Education – Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, All-Union Correspondence University of Arts.
In the paintings of Igor Medvedev you will see rich colors and a fabulously fantastic plot.
They create a new amazing world in which Igor Medvedev immerses the viewer.
Thin lines of branches and clear night silhouettes contrast with the blurry radiance of light tones, enchant with simplicity and mystery at the same time.
Pictures violate the usual course of time, add an exciting note of unpredictability to the space, creating a curtain of wonderful expectation. (С)
Official site of the artist:
1989 Vilnius Youth Drama Theater
1990 Lublin – Warsaw – Gdansk
1992 Flute Gallery, Moscow, annual exhibitions since 1995
1992 Gallery “Strogino”
1992 As part of the “Living Water”, Hamburg
1993 Mobile exhibition of the gallery “Russian House”, Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipeda
1994 Gallery “Elena”, Petersburg
1995 As part of a group of the Independent Trade Union of Artists of Moscow, Helsinki
1996 Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Moscow
1997 Gallery “Stozhary”, Kiev
1998 Art Salon of the Central House of Artists, Moscow
1998 Prefecture of Zelenograd, annual exhibitions since 1998
1999 Art Salon in Manege, Moscow
2000 Ritas Gallery, Vilnius
2001 Central office of Gasprom. Exhibition “Seasons”
2001 Cultural and entertainment center “Morozovka”. Exhibition “Colors of Autumn”
2002 Yekaterinburg. Personal exhibition
2002 Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Moscow
2003 Exhibition Hall “Flute”, Zelenograd
2003 Great Luke. Personal exhibition. Museum of Local Lore.
2004 Prefecture. Zelenograd, the exhibition “City landscapes”
2004 Zhukovsky Exhibition Exhibition House of Culture “Railroad”. In the framework of the festival “Living Water”.
2005 Barcelona – Madrid Exhibition Tour of Spain
2005 Berlin – Dresden, in the framework of the project “Spring Politra”.
2006 Zelenograd, Flute Exhibition Hall.
2006 Art Salon of the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2007 Art Manege, Moscow
2007 Exhibition Hall “Belyaevo”, Moscow
2008 Exhibition at the Ostankino television center “City Romance”
2008 Exhibition on Tishinka “Naked Russia”
2009 Turku – Helsinki, As part of the project “The Edge of the Blue Lakes”
2009 Santa Barbara – Denver. As part of the Roots project
2010 Exhibition Hall at Tishinka.
2010 Personal exhibition “Art passage”, Nizhny Novgorod
2011 Solo exhibition “Art Success”, Suzdal
2011 Personal exhibition “Magic Politra”, Plyos
2012 Personal exhibition in the gallery “Arsenal”, St. Petersburg
2012 Art Salon of the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2013 Charity Fund “Nastenka”, Moscow
2013 Exhibition Hall “Zelenograd” in the framework of the project “My Moscow”, Zelenograd
2014 Khimki Business Center “Kaleidoscope”, Khimki
2014 17th Moscow International Art Salon CHA-2014. “The connection of time.”
2015 Exhibition of paintings “Arbat Inspiration”. “Bulat Okudzhava House” Old Arbat.
2015 Exhibition at the Vedogony Theater as part of the Night of the Arts project.
2015 Personal exhibition in the theater “Vedogon”, “Tales of Uncle Go”.
2015 Moscow International Art Salon CHA-2015 Summer Meetings.
2015 Kuznetsk bridge “My dear Moscow”.
2015 Exhibition “Art Yekaterinburg”, Yekaterinburg.
2016 Exhibition at the Vedogony Theater Spring. The girls. Flowers.
2016 “Open lesson” CHA
2016 “Picturesque Spring” Central House of Artists (July 30, 2017, 17:19)
2017 “14 years of Artnau” Central House of Artists
2017 “50 years of the Golden Ring” Manege.
2017 June 1-18, “Portrait of a Cat” St. Petersburg, Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists (B7Morskaya. 38)
2017 “ARTNOW-14years” anniversary exhibition of the Central House of Artists, August 24-31
2017 “Autumn Moscow” New Basmannaya (House of Nationalities) October 1-24
2017 “The annual report of the LCD” Scarlet Sails “12/15/2017 – 02/15/2018
2018 “Gold on Blue” Art-Box Gallery, Riviera Shopping Center Moscow, 03/06/29/03/2019
2018 “Tales of Uncle Go” “Cure Bar” Moscow, 07/08/12/08/2018
2018 »ArtMix» Moscow, ul.Yumokhovaya, d10, p. 12 12/21/13/2019
2019 “Bear Trails”, Museum-Estate “Polenovo” Zaoksky District, Tula Region, 04/27/30 May 2019
List of paintings
1) Mulled wine evening, 2018, 30/40 cm
2) City Romance. Arbat. 2018, 50/70 cm
3) Valera 2019, 30/40 cm
4) 7.40 A.M. 2018, 50/70 cm
5) About owl 2018, 40/60 cm
6) Winter river 2018, 30/40 cm
7) Once again about the lilac 2019, 30/40 cm
8) Autumn rays 2018, 60/80 cm
9) Forest road 2018, 50/70 cm
10) Autumn bridge, 2019, 20/30 cm
Igor Medvedev 1
Igor Medvedev 2
Igor Medvedev 10
Igor Medvedev 4
Igor Medvedev 7
Igor Medvedev 6
Igor Medvedev 5
Igor Medvedev 3
Igor Medvedev 9
Igor Medvedev 8
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