Life Events

Jacek Klepek was born July 22, 1965 in Lesko  Poland and died in Warsaw  in April 2010. After completing his eight-year compulsory school , at age 15 he expressed his desire to study art. Unfortunately his parents did not give their consent as the art institute he wanted to apply to was too far from home. He then started to attend a local high school but halfway through he dropped out and decided to explore the world around him. He left for Krakov and Warsaw where he attended evening classes to finish high school and get his diploma while doing various jobs to support himself . From an early age he got a lot of pleasure from drawing and painting and needed to express himself via shapes and colors. He was self-taught and experimented with different techniques and materials like watercolors and tempera rather than the more oil or acrylic paint.  His expressive skills  are also manifested in oil pastel creations with very colorful designs and in charcoal drawings of surreal figures. He used supports such as canvas and paper. The main theme of his art was discovering  what to him was most difficult to understand in man. He tried to transmit tolerance and love through his works, even where one does not tend to perceive tenderness and peace but rather anxiety, fear and anger. This particular expressive intensity may attract attention in a positive or negative way –  but never indifference.  As a child, he was drawn to surrealism and in particular works by the famous Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski. His paintings are like a dialogue with the world around him  or, as he said, more than a dialogue they are a discussion,  almost an argument. His works can be appreciated in several  individual and collective exhibitions in Poland: Warsaw, Lesko, Kielce,Otwock, Lublin. Currently, numerous paintings are in private collections in Poland, USA, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Rasta 50cm x 40cm acrylic on canvas 2006
Lady with twig 50cm x 40cm acrylic on canvas 2006
Last angel 55cm x 40cm oil pastel on paper 1991
Protection 100cm x 70cm oil pastel on paper 1994
Emotions 29cm x 21cm oil pastel on paper 2005
Indifference 29cm x 21cm oil pastel on paper 2005
18C, 29cm x 21cm graphic on papar 2007
17J, 32cm x 23cm graphic on paper 1996
13E, 29cm x 21cm graphic on paper 2005
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