You are invited to meet the amazing artist Yehudit Yehezkeli, a unique woman aged 90+ and still creative, active and enterprising, with the vigor of a 20-year-old girl.

Multidisciplinary artist, veteran educator, pedagogical instructor, lecturer, film producer and community television reporter in Haifa. she received the award of a dear Haifa woman

A multi-verb woman whose power in various fields is amazing:

Today, Yehudit is the chairwoman of House 9 – the Puppet Theater School Haifa.
She is a member of the Mount Carmel wed.

Despite the corona, she continues to mentor youth (grades 11-12) in preparing works on heritage.

Judith will soon finish working on a film about the city of Nesher, which is celebrating 100 years.

In addition, these days Yehudit is in the midst of writing a book about the people of the city of Nesher and their experiences from the years of the Arab Revolt to the end of the War of Independence.

You are invited to enter Judith’s virtual room and enjoy her variety of works, sculpture, writing, drawings and more…