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László Németh was born in 1976. He lives and works in Kőszeg. „I started painting for 25 years in an autodidact way. From the beginning I work with oil. I am looking for the unknown on the canvas and try to grasp the inconceivable! My style is hard to limit. After many years of experience, the dream-like, blurry effect best describes my paintings. I try to smuggle this world around figurative, realistic things. I am very grateful to my clients / fans. They keep me alive and I can only concentrate on painting. My goal is to impress my audience and bring glory to my country with my paintings!” Módosítás

art4Németh László
art67Németh László
art33Németh László
art2Németh László
art27Németh László
art6Németh László
art26Németh László
art31Németh László
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art1Németh László
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