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Life Events

Louise Davids, artist from the Netherlands, born 19-12-1946 in Amsterdam now I am living in Helvoirt.
As a small child I already signed, I wanted to go to the art academy that was not allowed by my parents.
But I kept drawing and at age 50 I started taking drawing and painting lessons.
My teacher introduced me to all kinds of things in art, but I finally opted for drawing and painting.
I get inspiration in nature, I like to go out with my 2 dogs, we make wonderful walks together.
Always a camera with me, one with the images from nature I go to work in my studio.
Mostly I make free works ,but sometimes also on assignment.

Louise Davids 1
Louise Davids 2
Louise Davids 8
Louise Davids 9
Louise Davids 4
Louise Davids 3
Louise Davids 10
Louise Davids 6
Louise Davids 7
Louise Davids 5
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