My name is Mabvuto Jamala, a Zimbabwean, 40 years of age and I am a Artist. I do stone sculpting, weld Art and mixed media.

I started doing Art in 1999,after I was inspired by my fellow brothers, who are also Artist’s.

In 2000, I worked under the mentorship of one of Zimbabwe’s renowned Artist the late Amos Supuni, may his dear soul rest in eternal peace. I cherish the time I worked under my mentor, it is during that time that I started to take Art serious and as a profession. During that time, I mastered the skills of Art and how to develop and maintain my originality in my creative work.


In 2001,I then decided to start my own workshop, since I felt that I had gained some knowledge to go on. during the same year, I was part of a group of 15 Artist’s, who went for a 5 months campaign in the mountains of Mvurwi here in Zimbabwe. There, we we’re creating sculptures is the raw stones that we would have found in the mountains. It was a great experience for me, working together with different Artist’s, sharing ideas and experiences regarding Art.


After the 5 months period, went back to Harare the capital city, were we held an exhibition and managed to make sells and make new contacts. Since then, I have grown up to be a better Artist and do Art full time.

Due to the economic crisis situation in my country, I am struggling to sell my work. I am now appealing to Art buyers and promoters out there, to please buy my work, so that I can acquire more raw stones, materials, tools for my work and develop my workshop.

It is my hope to be a international renowned Artist only the sky is the limit and your help will be greatly honored and appreciated.