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Life Events

Michael Goldzweig was born in Chicago, Il. in 1962. He was raised in the northern suburbs, and now lives and creates in River North, the art district of Chicago. Michael started his passion for art at the age of 6, selling his pieces by the age of 15. He eventually attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he graduated with honors in 1983. As a freelance artist he created a series of artwork for the toy surprises in Crackerjacks. Before opening his own studio in 2014 he had worked 35 years as an airbrush specialist, sign painter, neon glass bender, and Art Director for his family business of 80 years, (Best Neon Sign Co). During that time Michael completed art techniques for many motion pictures. Including: Curly Sue, Home Alone 2, The Untouchables, Blink, and Transformers 3.

In November 2015, Goldzweig won ”Best in Show” for Color Abstraction through FusionArtps.com International online competition, in which 6 countries submitted art.  As a result of that online competition, Michael was invited to show at Fusion Art’s brick & mortar gallery in Palm Springs, CA.  His exhibition, “Cosmic Symphony,” featuring his acrylic on canvas, was on display from November 2016 to March 2017, with a solo show the entire month of February.

Another creative outlet for Michael has been his passion for playing drums and Alto Sax.


About My Art

Chicago based artist Michael Goldzweig is constantly striving to push colors to the limit; ultimately, the colors end up pushing him. His work runs the spectrum from earth tones to bold and bright colors. Dramatic movement and depth of color and light define his powerful work. From abstract to photorealism, he is constantly searching for ways to make his paintings come alive. Michael embraces a variety of techniques and mediums; he primarily works with acrylic.  Michael paints to feed his creative energy, physically, and mentally with color and expression.