My Name is Mudasir Rehman Dar I m from  Kulpora Kulgam age is 24 Regarding my inspiration it was my childhood dream to do this art then over a period of time I started to participate in school level programmes then other dist level programmes as well I was fond of doing well in it so I tried my best to excel in it .

Actually in childhood days my teacher’s used to complain about me to my father that ur son is week in studies and he is going to concentrate more on art rather than studies my father didn’t take there com ain’t seriously rather my father supported me in this art work.


This became my inspiration that my father used to support me to become a good artist. Mostly I select the teams which highlights the natural beauty of it’s culture traditional customers and many other themes like abstract painting portrait sketch etc .

since I m a self taught Artist so I did the whole work on my own behalf with out any affiliation with any organisations. since I got some fame when I made some skatch  of some personalties like sanam ajaz mudasir Ali .

They too support me morally and advised me to continue it. jk kamraaz academy offers me and I send them some works that they posted. Presently I m still working at  individual level but many artists offer me even outside state But I m not carrying any business of art making. Presently I used to visit into schools to inculcate the sprit of art into young minds to explore art to develop it.

I won many awards like artist of the district etc I met a great state art awarded Muneer Ali khan who appreciate my work and suggest me to continue it and attend art exhibitions and many other similar events ….then I too learned the achieving low is not a sin but aiming low is . Creative and abstract artist Mudasir Rehman Dar pen name said mudasir.



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