My birth as an artist happened unexpectedly in 2009. December 24th is Christmas, December 27th is my birthday.

My first picture was written on December 26th between these two events. When I saw my first picture, I couldn’t believe it was a painting.

I drew myself …. I took another canvas … And another one. So painting came into my life and has long been an integral part of my life.


I paint in oils. I reflect my thoughts through the oil painting. I don´t make sketches – everything happens on the canvas. The birth of a picture is always a mystery. an idea arises, you take paints, brushes, you come up to the canvas and if you move into the space between worlds, time flows differently and the whole world stops waiting.


At my first personal exhibition in Würzburg (2014),

Reporters called my style: mystical realism I think I can agree with that … I don´t stick to any one approach, there is diversity in my work:

A bit of realism, a bit of surrealism, a bit of impressionism, a bit of expressionism, a bit of symbolism and mystic, and imagination – because our life, like our world, is multifaceted in its manifestations too.

Painting is a perfect tool for knowing the world and yourself. Painting is questions and answers. Painting is an opportunity to grasp the immensity; to comprehend the incomprehensible;

connect the incompatible. In each of my work is an impulse for reflection: to go further and deeper in our personal understanding.

The impulse: to take a new look at the conventional truths covered with the dust of centuries and to find in them new facets, new meanings. Painting is an opportunity to grasp the immensity; to comprehend the incomprehensible; connect the incompatible. For me, every picture is like a door to another world and the viewer always has a choice: follow the invitation or pass by.

Pictures always show and tell each person their own … My desire is to express the versatility and beauty of our world.


Of course, I imagine on the canvas a vision of the world through my eyes, through my heart and through my worldview. I wish to touch the hearts of those who love painting, art and creativity. Because the best that I can do for another person is not just to share with him the wealth of my world, but to reveal to him the wealth of his own world.


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