Sketch of the scenery on the material design
productions of the fairy tale film “the Adventure of Pinocchio” – 1974-1975.
Author. L. P. Ershov.
Note. Leonid Petrovich Ershov (6.6.1946, Yaroslavl, Russia –
12.1998). Theater artist. One thousand nine hundred sixty seven
he graduated from the Yaroslavl
art school. 1973-graduated from the all-Russian state University.
Institute of cinematography (VGIK). 1974-75 worked as an artist-
Director of the Studio “Belarusfilm”. 1976-81 he worked for
Studio “Goskino” USSR, participated in the creation of feature films
“Black Rowan”, “Star boy”, Filmography: t / f ” adventures
Pinocchio”(1975); “Black birch” (1977); K / m t / f “debut” (1978); t/f
“Neighbors” (1979), “Red bike” (1979); K / m ” holiday lights»
(1980); t / f “the Tale of the Star boy” (198)). 1981-94, 1986-89 years.
he taught painting at the Yaroslavl art school (composition,
painting.) One thousand nine hundred ninety five
artist-production of the joint-Stock company
«Radio company»,
(Yaroslavl): (accessed 31.01.2014). One thousand nine hundred ninety eight
member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.
Date. [1974-75].
Place of writing. [Yaroslavl, Russia].
Size. 60×80 cm.
Material, technique. Fine-grained canvas factory
production, emulsion primer, tempera. The canvas is attached to the tablet
for graphic works (wooden frame on plywood).
Safety. Satisfactory.
Description. Front part: on canvas of horizontal format
it depicts a landscape with a view of a stone grotto. Under the semi-circular entrance
arched on a chair sits an actress in a tortoise Tortilla costume, her legs covered
plaid blanket. Grotto Tortilla is under water (indicated on the left
air bubbles rising up) and drowns in greenery. To the grotto leads
wide path. According to the fairy tale, Piero passes Pinocchio by accident
I overheard Carabas Barabas and Duremar, the leech merchant, from
who was able to learn that a turtle cake hiding at the bottom of the pond Golden
small key. The Golden key is marked sinking to the left: from it riseup bubbles. Reverse: inscription in words inflicted by sanguine: “By Lyosha
//Antoshka //Leri”.
Style. This sketch is made by V. Ershov in line with the realistic
school of the XX century and goes back to the tradition of VGIK. This is Ala prima painting
tempera in smear technique. This work is distinguished by refinement
softness of light and color transmission. Softened color in gray-greenish
color, corresponding to the idea of the image of the underwater landscape. Signature
masters and technique of execution of the sketch corresponds to analog works
masters, stored in the funds of the Yaroslavl art school.
Conclusion: this item has no cultural value, and does not
subject to the Law of the Russian Federation ” on export and import
of cultural goods (as amended by Federal laws from 02.11.2004 N 127-
FZ, from 23.07.2008 N 160-FZ, from 17.07.2009 N 150-FZ) since is
works of modern painting created less than 50 years ago
modern artist, on the state account is not and
refers to objects of cultural purpose.
Komova Marianna Aleksandrovna,
candidate of art history,
expert-art critic of Rosokhrankultura
on cultural values
(specialization: painting, iconography,
sculpture of XVIII-XX Centuries)