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All my paintings are painted in 2019 My work reflects all of my feelings regarding my father loss.

I started to paint in the last year, and all the collected money from the sales of my artwork is going to sustain a part of my charity activity, a project through I offer scholarships to disadvantaged young people who have amazing school results, and help them to continue their studies. I already started to help 3 young people. I am not a painter, I am a senior pharmacist, but all my work is a part of my heart and soul, and my style is a bit different to others. It was said to me that it is…” a bit outside of the box”.I do not know, but I am thinking that my style represents me and all my feelings.  I was a part of three group exhibitions, in Bucharest, in July, August, and September this year. 


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Senior Pharmacist and former owner with an experience of 18 years in building a pharmacy business from scratch up to the 5th largest online chain in Romania and three pharmacies, nine employees and $1m in sales per year. Registered Senior Pharmacist in Romania with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Relevant Knowledge, Skills and Training

Sales Management – Built Team – Manage Team – B2B – B2C – E-commerce – Business Process Development – Entrepreneurship – Business Consultancy and Mentoring – Brand Building – FMCG – Negotiations


August 2015 Master of Business Administration (MBA)                     

HULT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL – Boston, Massachusetts –  London, UK campus.    

World´s most international business school and the first triple-accredited US business school. Top 10 FT ranking for international business and  experience.

“Woman in business”   scholarship.

Brown Belt – demonstrated commitment to develop and proficiency in the Management Skills curriculum.                                                                                                                            September  2008 

Senior Pharmacist in General Pharmacy

“GR. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Iasi city, Romania                                                                                                                             

May 2003 

Specialist Pharmacist in General Pharmacy

“GR. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Iasi city, Romania                                                                                                                                August 1995

 Degree Diploma – Licentiate in Pharmacy

 “GR. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Iasi city, Romania

Professional Experience  
2017 Senior Chief Pharmacist at Farmacia Elena – Stefanesti, Botosani, Romania.

2016 Deputy General Manager and Senior Pharmacist at SC. Medicalfarm SRL. –Botosani, Romania. 
 2015 Business Consultant for Husse England and Scotland. Created and developed a project in order to increase sales by 10-15% in less than 4 months, managed in a better way the ratio between volume of acquisitions and sales, stock control, leveraged the on-line sales, and at the same time, how to use the advantage of the local community through various methods to attract more prospective potential customers and new franchisees.

Worked for 10 months with an international team for providing consultancy and viable solutions for Unilever in a project applied in Santo Andre, Brazil. The name of the project is “ H.I.C. – Business and Social Impact – Growing our e-commerce business while generating youth employment”.

    Irinel Georgescu             +40726657636       

Designed and developed a pilot-project for improving the recruitment system of potential students with Hult for Eastern Europe, with an initial application in Romania, then Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.
1997 – 2013 Owner and manager at Pharmacy “Pharmedica”, Neamt County, Romania building three pharmacies and  the 5th largest online pharmacy in Romania

• Built turnover to $1m a year with over 20k online deliveries per year accounting for 35% of overall sales

•Built a commercial strategy involving building relationships with doctors and laboratories leading to an increase in business 30% of overall sales. Worked specifically to provide treatments for Alzheimer disease, hyperkinetic syndrome as well as dementia and schizophrenia.                                                                       

• Reduced delivery times from four days to same day whilst increasing product numbers from 5000 to 7500. The number of late deliveries reduced from 7 to 2 per day.

• Recruited and developed a team of nine people

• Worked with the health service to ensure all prescriptions were reported correctly

• Reduced supplier costs by an average of 7% per year through negotiating discounts and bulk buying strategies with suppliers such as Farmexpert SA, Farmexim SA, Europharm Holding, and so on.

•Was able to offer the cheapest products in Romania through developing efficient operational processes

• Increased number of additional services for customers (diabetes disease prevention, cholesterol reduction and heart diseases prevention) through direct and continuous collaboration  with physicians and medical laboratories

1995 – 1996 Junior Pharmacist to Hospital “Health Center of Roznov”, Neamt County,  Romania. This Center had 3 wards ( pediatrics, gynecology and internal medicine ) and an outpatient for children  from 11 villages surrounding.

• Prepared the medication for hospital patients (200 – 250 patients per week). Was in direct contact with physicians working together to treatment regimens.

• Developed prescriptions from outpatients and ensured powdered milk for babies up to one year.

Additional Information

Languages: Romanian (mother tongue), English fluent (IELTS and PTE Certificates), Spanish and French intermediate.

Honorary position/ Belonging of different organizations:

Representative Member of the National General Assembly of the Collage of Pharmacist of Romania from 2011 to 2015 in Collage of Pharmacist of Neamt County, Romania.

Member of the Evaluation Commission for the Rules of Good Pharmaceutical Practice from 2011 to 2015, in Collage of Pharmacist of Neamt County, Romania.

Technologies : Microsoft Office

Recommendations – Mrs. Agnes Nairn – Professor and Chair of Marketing, Univerity of Bristol, UK, and Mr. Ilie Echim – Senior Pharmacist at Ardealul Pharmacies, Piatra-Neamt, Romania