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Nugzar Meladze is unique, individualis  artist.

His art is authen  c expression of avant-gardist tendencies. He is thinking art- ist.

Contemporary age is reflected with whole intensity in his art, since his pain  ngs embody the basic “ins  ncts” of our existence, which give the color of perfec on to our life marked with ego s c aspira  ons.

And the ar sts presents us with wide spectrum of themes, the canvases are lit up by rainbow colors and “the way goes from suffering to happiness”.

I can most surely say, that Nugzar Meladze is an ar st of poe  c nature, graced by the power of unleashed imagina  on. Whole his ar s c work is a syntheses of unreal and surreal. Avant-gardist painter par ally maintained and par ally has gone beyond the tradi  ons of Georgian art and adjusted to the new rhythm of this day and age, and expressed himself with the more refined, elas  c colors filled with nuances.

His portraits, landscapes and nature-mort are born by genuine imagina  on, as for example: “Svane  ”, “Sioni lake”, “Svane – Hatsvali”, “Lake-Sioni”, “Reflec on” and others. It is one great poetry wri en by brush on canvas. I think the abovemen  oned pictures are illustra  ons of his thoughts, search and aspira  ons… when one observes his pain  ngs, one remembers great Goethe “When viewing the work of art, it influences us, but it is impossible to explain it”.

I will repeat this words boldly in reference to the pain  ngs of Nugzar Meladze.

His every painting or canvas produces many ques  ons and calls for the discovery of the mystery.

The pain  ng “Tea” is most beau ful, this is generaliza  on of the greatness of the soul, the background of the picture and the hair of a woman are in one color, all the features of woman’s face are so precise, that one is reminded of greatly learned Durer. In the same way Durer has expressed the beauty, profundity, diversity, na  onal ideals brought on the level of humanity, so also whole Georgia with its tradi  on and everyday life is reflected in Nugzar Meladze’s art…

Canvas “Manana” (wife’s portrait) is done using mixed technique, is really a subtle pain  ng, with orderly distribu on of colors. At the same   me Georgian character is quite obvious. Picture is art form, color, line or brush stroke nuances (landscapes, nature-mort), celebra  ng life. The ar st creates in high spirits the ar s c miracles. His pain  ngs are extremely realis  c and are marked by exalted ar s c mastery.

We can go on with the enumera  on and analyzes of his pain  ngs, but we have to note here one important impression: each of his work is charged with great poe  c sense and intense lyricism. Yes, this ar st is a poet and puts colors into poems and poems into colors personified on canvas…

Nugzar Meladze’s art-aesthe  c landscape has many unique points, in par cular, in his art there are two different ar s c worlds, realis  c and avant-gardist, and this makes his art more enchan  ng.

Interes  ng and mul faceted ar s c world of Nugzar Meladze effortlessly merged with our culture and art.

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