Life Events

1943 – Born in Haifa, Israel.

Art studies:

1964 – 67 Tel-Hay College, Israel.

1977-  Wolfgang Manner Studio Reichenau, Austria.

1985 – 1986  Parsons Art & Design School New York, USA.

1966 -1967 Awards by “Sharet Foundation” to Yang Artists.

1975 -1984 Art Teaching at Tel Hay College, Israel.

2019 – Award for outstanding achievement in Isreal Watercolor One National Contest.

Member of the Professional Union of Plastic Artists in Israel.

Member of Association for Gender and Women’s Arts Research in Israel.

Member of the Association “Artist in the City” Kfar Saba, Israel.


Ofira Barak was born to an artist family and continues the lineage for more than 50 years. During the Lebanon war in 1982 Ofira lost her son, and the subject is expressed in some of her paintings.

Continuous observation of nature and man, olive and cypress trees, destruction and crisis, she wanted to bring the audience to the wide fields and the nature of man.


Selected Solo exhibitions

1967- Halevy Gallery Tel Aviv, curator: Moshe Halevy.

1969 – Sara Kishon Gallery Tel Aviv, curator: Sara Kishon.

1980 – Graphic 3 Haifa, landscape. Curator: Margalit Guttmann.

1981 – Mabhat Gallery Tel Aviv. Galilee landscape, curato:r Ephraim Ben Yakir.

1981 – Mabhat Gallery Tel Aviv. Landscape drawings, curator: Ephraim Ben Yakir.

1982 – Shayne Gallery Montreal Canada. Landscape, curator: Luis Shayne.

1982 – Mabhat International Toronto, Canada. Landscape, curators: Eigra & Ephraim Ben Yakir.

1983 – Graphic 3 Haifa, Galilee landscape. Curator: Margalit Guttmann.

1983 – Wilfrid Museum Hzoreha, Israel. Landscape, curator: Gabi Manit.

1984 – Ha’kibbutz Gallery Tel Aviv. Galilee landscape, curator: Ofira Barak.

1984 – Hashdot Yaakov Museum Israel. Galilee landscape, curator: Ofira Barak.

1986 – Atara Gallery Montreal Canada. Galilee landscape, curator: Atara Ben Tov.

1993 – Art Expo California, USA. Landscape, curator: Yoram Gil.

1996 – Nave Tsedek gallery Tel Aviv. Intimate landscape, curator: Nurit Erlich.

1999 – Mizpe hayamim Safed Israel. Landscape.

2015 – Kfar Saba Theatre. Intimate landscape, curator: Tzur Barak.

2017- Neeman Towers Tel Aviv. Curator: Itzhak Nir.

2018 – Kibbutz Shamir Gallery. Curator: Ety Nussbaum.

2018 – Protea Bennie Dror Israel. Curator: Dina Smadar.

2019 – Neeman Towers Tel Aviv. Curator: Itzhak Nir.


Selected group exhibitions

1979 – Ha Kibbutz Gallery Tel Aviv. Climate, Earth, Landscape, curator: Rafi Lavie.

1982 – Ein Harod Art center. Curator: Gallia Bar Or.

1983 – Tel-Hay Art Center International Art Meeting, curator: Amnon Barzel.

1984 – Chagall House Haifa.

1985 – The Jewish Museum NY, USA. Curator: Susan Goldman.

2016 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. No Place like Home, curator: Ilan Beck.

2016 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Trilogy, curator: Amir Shefet.

2017 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Alternative facts, curator: Carmel Gofer.

2017 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Man Women, curator: Sari Golan.

2018 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Self-Identity, curator: Tirza Froind.

2018 – Ha Kibbutz Gallery Tel Aviv. Curator: Yall Kyini.

2019 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Israeli Watercolor One National Contest,

curator: Beni Gassenbauer.

2019 – Fabriano in Acquarello – Italy.

2019 – Artist Home Kfar Saba. Naivete days. Curator: Carmel Gofer.



Loneliness-Acrylic on canvas 90X120cm-1996

Loneliness-Acrylic on canvas 90X120cm-1996

Dad-Oil on canvas 40X50cm-2017

White roses-Acrylic on canvas-90X120cm-1997

Have doubts-Oil on canvas-80X90cm-2016

Have doubts-Oil on canvas-80X90cm-2016

Mountainside-Watercolor 36X55cm-2018

Mountainside-Watercolor 36X55cm-2018

Dad-Oil on canvas 40X50cm-2017

Dad-Oil on canvas 40X50cm-2017

The chair-Acrylic on canvas-164X96cm-1966 -

The chair-Acrylic on canvas-164X96cm-1966 -

Dazzle lady-Watercolor-50X33cm-2019

Dazzle lady-Watercolor-50X33cm-2019

Cypress trees-Acrylic on canvas-90X120cm-2006

Geranium- Acrylic on canvas-120X100cm-2006

Alcea rosea-Oil on canvas-100X120cm-2017

Alcea rosea-Oil on canvas-100X120cm-2017

In spite of everything, still a woman-Oil on canvas 90X80cm-2019

833-In spite of everything, still a woman-Oil on canvas 90X80cm-2019

Fire, Watercolor 73X53cm-2019

51-Fire, Watercolor 73X53cm-2019

Oil on canvas 120X90cm-Eagle - 2018

829-Oil on canvas 120X90cm-Eagle - 2018

Hadas,Watercolor 73X53cm-2019

Hadas,Watercolor 73X53cm-2019

Oil on canvas 122X91cm-Self image-2018

Oil on canvas 122X91cm-Self image-2018

Olive grove - Acrylic on canvas-120X90cm - 2006

714-Olive grove-Acrylic on canvas-120X90cm-2006

Vera -Oil on canvas - 40X40cm-2016

Vera-Oil on canvas-40X40cm-2016 (1)

Roots - Oil on canvas-120X100cm - 2017

Roots-Oil on canvas-120X100cm-2017

2017- Oil on 803 - canvas 60X50cm - Self portrait

2017- Oil on 803-canvas 60X50cm-Self portrait

Bouganvillea -Acrylic on canvas-120X100cm-2013

Bouganvillea-Acrylic on canvas-120X100cm-2013

Pomegrantes from the market 53x35cm 2018

Pomegrantes from the market_53_35cm_2018



Roses-Watercolor 73X53cm-2018

Roses-Watercolor 73X53cm-2018

Youth - Oil on canvas-120X90cm-2017

Youth-Oil on canvas-120X90cm-2017
Chrysanthemun-Oil on canvas-90X20cm-2017

Self portrait-Watercolor 53X35cm-2018

Self portrait-Watercolor 53X35cm-2018



Cypress trees - Acrylic on canvas- 90X120 cm - 2006

Cypress trees - Acrylic on canvas- 90X120 cm - 2006
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