Orit Simchoni 2

That is how I reached the art therapy studies in Beit-Berl college. Today I am an active artist as well as an art therapist in my own clinic. The blend of the fields of biology and art therapy, receives a large emphasis in my nature and landscape inspired art. Countless times, I find myself drawing ideas and inspirations while observing the microscopic world in the lab.


Sometimes, I do not intentionally plan the painting. I begin to spread colors on the canvas into a formless stain. This nameless stain becomes attached to a new stain and yet another, and this new group of stains begins to create a world full of figures, shapes and landscapes. Suddenly the canvas comes to life, and in this exceptional moment I understand the reason I became an artist.

Through the last couple of years I have participated in several exhibitions  as well as selling my art in a number of galleries in Israel and overseas. Additionally I wish to continue helping children with special needs, so for every painting I sell , part of the profit will be donated  to the Chan-Yotam organization for special needs children.


I would like to quote a memorable sentence by Claude Monet, whom I humbly cherish:

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love“

I hope that you will enjoy my work, and even love it.