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Life Events

Pablo Enrique Fernández Mejías

Contests:Premium in the contest ” Martí between us ” in January of the 2015

Contest dedicated to the native symbols, year 2016 , with the piece. :By

conquering the space

Contest dedicated to the dance with the piece ” my great sleep ” 2016

Contest. From Havana, Cuba city amazes  2017

Contest dedicated to the relations of Cuba and the EE or or with the

“perpetual instant” piece 2017

Premium in the contest dedicated to the not violence against the women and

the childrens with the piece ” other more than the as many forgetful ” 2017

Expositions:Bipersonal exposition year 2017 with the “human condition”

title with Noel Hernández 12 of January in saint Alexander 2017

Collective exposition “human condition” with Amalia Abreu and Noel

Hernández 10 of May of the 2017 metropolitan radius Expo festival of the

circuba 2017 ” tradition in the circus ” with the piece ” my eagerness for

the  circus

Collective exposition  en the ” Tiburcio Lorenzo salon province of pine

grove of the Rio 2017

Second rewards in the annual salon Wilfredo Lam, in the gallery of the same

name, in Marianao 2018

Collective exposition in Galeria Vallois  parís 2018

Collective exposition in the Cuba embassy in France in the hall moves aside

Carpentier 2018.

Collective exposition in the great French palace, Art Paris 2019

Collective exposition ” Cuba contemporary ” parís  2019

Collective exposition together Cuban and Mexican artists in art gallery 10

tabasco, Mexico 2019

At present find works in collecting toilets in countries just as Mexico

France, United Stated, Spain and Austria

From my start-ups as apprentice in the world of the visual arts in
general, due to the internal emotions that caused me the painting of
portrait or of figure, I began to build a road of thematic springs and
formal disquiets. The genesis was in the experimentation as method of
fundamental apprenticeship, by means of the realization of portraits (in
drawing) of grateful personalities and other for the simple fact that
removed the Muse. Went then when decided dedicate me completely to the
representation of scenes, where the painted a portrait of and your history
were the protagonists of the pieces.

Silver Mulatto 4th year
2nd year (1)
Eight 4th year portrait
The Black
3rd year introspection cycle
Pablo Enrique Fernández Mejías 2
suspensión espacial
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