Pablo Solari




Life Events

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, on April 13, 1953.
Son of Italian immigrants from Massarosa, Lucca, Italy.
Self-taught, his painting is based on the Italian classics with a very personal style and defined as Latin American.
Permanent exhibition at Ursomarzo Gallery

Collective Exhibition, Night of the Museums, Italian Club
From October 26 to 29, I participate in the Cesena Fair, Forli, Italy, organized by Expo Euro Art and Neo Art Gallery
Participation in EXPOVIAREGGIO 2018, Italo Latinoamericana Fair
Fabriano In Acquarello 2018, artist invited by the International Association of Watercolourists.
Exhibition of reproductions of some of my works in Alexandria, in the Egyptian Festival of “Shain El Neseim”, being the first non-Egyptian artist, who is awarded with such honor.

Genova Expo Art 2017, Biennial of Genoa.
Urbino In Acquerello Festival, 2nd edition.
Fabriano In Acquarello, international convention of watercolorists.
– “Enthronement of two works referring to Pope Francis, in the Basilica of San José de Flores – September 21, 2016”.
– Prize “Gold Medal” for his career, awarded by the Cultural Association of Tuscany of Buenos Aires, and Lucchesi Nel Mondo, in Lucca, Italy.
– Permanent show at the Marier Art Gallery.
– Individual exhibition in Espacio Maipú, Maipú 942 CABA
– Collective exhibition with its students in Espacio Y.
– Joint show in Savigliano (Cuneo) – Italy.
– Joint exhibition in Torino, Motor Village Gallery (FIAT Complex).
– Collective exhibition at Galleria d’arte Spazio Arte 24 in Torino – May 2015
– Ardi Buenos Aires Fair (June 2015).
– Collective exhibition Villa Amoretti – Torino (July 2015)
– Individual exhibition at the Ducal Palace in Lucca, Italy. Here they will give me the “Gold Medal” for my career in the Tuscany Region and Lucchessi Nel Mondo.
– Exhibition at the Argentine Embassy in New York.
– Individual exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Individual exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in London.
– Appointed by the Argentine Chancellery as a representative of Argentine painting, together with the Argentine Consulate in Milan and the Milan Commune, for ExpoMilán 2015.


– ExpoLucca 2014, international art fair, in Lucca, invited by the Tuscany Region. Italy.
– Collective exhibition in Roca Museum (Buenos Aires)
– Individual sample in the Faculty of Law, National University of Buenos Aires.
– Appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, the Argentine Consulate in Milan, with the agreement of the City of Milan, as a representative of Argentine painting at the ExpoMilán International Fair 2015.
– Appointed by the International Association of Painting Professionals, to organize the branch in Argetina, as Argentine Professional Painters.
– Permanent exhibition at Galería Espacio Arroyo (joint exhibition).
– Joint exhibition Roca Museum.
– Joint exhibition at Crisolart Galleries (Barcelona – Spain).
– Expoate 2013 (Fair of Figurative Art).
– Artepunta 2013 International Fair, Hotel Conrad, Punta del Este.
– First prize ArtePunta 2013
– Participation with two works at the Arte Americas International Fair (Miami).
– Joint exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Collective painting exhibition in “Arte sin froteras”, Piazzolla Tango Cultural Center, Güemes Gallery, CABA.
– Joint exhibition at Galería Imaginario, CABA.
– Jury in the Small Format contest of the Art Center “Nuevo Abasto XXI”.
– Joint exhibition in “Vino el Arte”, in the Province of Mendoza.


– Individual exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery, CABA.
– Joint exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Mention in Sacred Art Biennial organized by the Episcopal Culture Vicariate.
– Traveling joint exhibition in various locations in the province of Buenos Aires, with Biennial of Sacred Art
– Joint exhibition Museum of Fine Arts of Luján, Buenos Aires.
– Joint exhibition Municipal Cultural Center of Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires.
– Joint exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Joint exhibition with the Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Mention in the Sacred Art Biennial organized by the Episcopal Vicariate of Culture.
– Joint exhibition at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina.
– Joint exhibition at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires.
– Individual exhibition with the Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Joint exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Joint exhibition in Carilo, Buenos Aires, Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– Exhibition of paintings, drawings and inks, joint in Aldo de Sousa Gallery, Buenos Aires.
– Expoanticuaria 2005
– Individual exhibition in Aldo de Sousa Gallery.


– Individual exhibition at the Iscea Institute.
– Participates in Expoanticuaria 2004 with the Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
– His work “La doce va” is selected by the publisher Planeta – Seix Barral for the cover of the first edition of the book La Resistencia by Ernesto Sabato.
– His work “The unemployed” obtains the First Prize of the international contest “Miradas de Hispanoamerica 2004” awarded by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
– Calendar of the International Committee of the Red Cross – “Artists for humanity” and the year-end CIRC card.
– ARTEBA International Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Arroyo Gallery, oil paintings and drawings. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– ARTEBA International Art Fair, Arroyo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Illustration of three religious books.
– Santa María Theater, Sacred Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Iconostacio for the altar of the Chapel of the Latin American Academy of Mariology, of the Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Santa María Theater, Sacred Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– House of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Execution of the mural destined to the Cathedral of Cusco in Peru, Museum of Sacred Art.
– “Social Work of the Luz y Fuerza staff”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– El Monje Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Popular Athenaeum of La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– First prize acquisition in Italian Culture Society “Cristoforo Colombo”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– IFT Theater, Acquisition Award, drawings, Buenos Aires, Argentina.





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