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My name is Pimmi Nag. I am Indian migrated to Canada 32 years ago. Working in the Rehabilitation Centres with adolescent kids with Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, ADHD and Substance Abuse, I use to lead a very stressed life. My job took a toll on my health and I had to take pre retirement. I was advised by the doctors to stay stress free due to my elevated sugar levels due to stress and aneurysm of Aorta. Painting was a passion from childhood but never got opportunity to paint. Walking in the Nature mornings and evenings I started looking at every small beauty of nature and felt so peaceful among nature. I started doodling sometimes and felt good. I tried different mediums and experimented as I never learned painting in any school. I could see a dramatic change in my observation as my painting started looking very close to nature. I got lots of feed back from my friends that they are so much alive. It motivated me and I started making exhibitions in my own town Montreal. Year 2017 one of my painting was chosen for the magazine cover.

Besides painting I also write poetry and so far published two books of poetry. Soul Reader and Heart In A Cocoon. I do maintain my poetry blog too.



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