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Life Events

Rashmi Malhotra born -12 SEP 1963

I started my educational qualification with Maths Hons (B.ed).I played with numbers but my heart and mind always quenched for art
So after marriage I again started studying and got my Master degree in  Painting. It’s like a dream come true.
I strongly believe”As every breath is needed to live a life,every stroke gives liveliness to that life.
Iparticipated in various art exhibitions.I show cased my handicrafts atDelhiHaat and conducted workshops for traditional art of India like Tanjore, Madhubani,Mugalart, Minakari art, Relief art,Virliart, Marble art etc.
I was first runner up in the intercollegiate painting competition of Delhi University.
I worked under the noted Artist Roop Chand.Painting for me is a generalized term for an accumulation of thoughts, experiences and lessons that reveal profound truth in hues, colours and visages
After practicing since long now I explored my signature style .l named it-Linear Angular Abstraction.
Deep within in me lies the lover of nature who provokes me to create lotus pond paintings .These paintings filled my heart with emense peace and energy.I often visit Himalayan regions for being  with the beauty of nature.
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