WORLD VIRTUAL MUSEUM | Sanamchai Puangraya

I was born 17 oct 1971 Bangkok Thailand In official family Father is a soldier. During childhood, I like a lot of things, but that is not broken. Drawing small children. I came to high school. Get to know more art. And found an artist. This brings me closer to art.

At the end of junior high, I chose to study art since then. Finished work in the arts early.

I work as a traditional Thai painting. I have been working on this for a long time. Previous work Education College of Fine Arts .

sanamchai puangraya 2

I solo exhibition 5 In 10 years:

  1. 2008 The Land of Freedom at Chamchuri Art Gallery
  2. 2010 Dreamer seven Art Gallery
  3. 2012 The Endorphins At Chamchuri Art Gallery
  4. 2014 Inspiration at The National Gallery
  5. 2017 Introspective At Chamchuri Art Gallery

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