Life Events

Born in 1990 in Kandal Province and currently live in Phnom Penh. I love artworks since I was very younger. Nowadays, I am a freelance artist and also work as an art therapist at Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Chey-Chomneas Referral Hospital in Takhmau Town.

For my own perspective and experience, artwork is one of an abstract medical which is a miracle medicine that very helpful in metal health on individual’s emotion or experiences and also such as the best way for ventilation in case having stress, especially in human society artworks is very an unimaginable expression through the metaphor (Familiar, unfamiliar and abstract) in visual art.  I am really inspired by watercolor painting after I had painted it with water and let it go by itself.

Born in a poor family and had never known about art but in naturally love the creative, since earlier I always spend most my time to do painting and sculpturing especially to see the mural painting in temple. Then after graduated from high school I stated to ask myself what major should I study.

Education and work experience:

So in 2010, I had attended the painting class at one organization for 2 years of the basic skill

In 2012, I worked as a gaming designer at Japanese company and during that time I got 2 more years scholarship to study painting at one Japanese School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2013- I went to Thailand for attending the art exposure workshop for helping children

with intellectual disability by using artworks for one month.

2017-I had caught up an one year online course of an Art Based Therapy in Pune, India.

2019- I did group exhibition of IWS watercolor society in Seim Reap, Cambodia.

2019-I attended the workshop and exhibition of Asia Pacific Accessible Art Festival in

Macau, China.

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