WORLD VIRTUAL MUSEUM | Sepp lorenz karl hofstetter

My name is sepp lorenz karl hofstetter.

I was born on 9.5.1946 in Schongau Upper Bavaria.

I am an art painter and gallerist today. As a 14 year-old, I started my professional careers. And after 43 years in a large auto company ended 13 years ago.

I started my passion of painting as a 5 year old. Since I wanted to be independent, I first wanted to learn a profession, although I believed that I would come closer to my goal,

because the painting was a goal, which today I led to the same success, as the manager in the past.

I have to admit that I had a lot of luck in life and met many artists on the world that I met as a manager on my many journeys. Twenty-five years ago, I got to know a professor at the florence Art Academy.

I visited him as often as I could, sometimes twice a year to learn. It was a private study. In 1995 it really started, the first newspapers, press raided me and wrote what they wanted. I shunned until today, the media. I only painted for myself. By the way, I am proud to be a worker and not an artist. My work has arisen from daily observations. Of which I have so many.

Yes, it makes me very thoughtful, the success came only at the end of a life section. Have ca.2500 pictures painted, sculpture, so Nebebe .Maine pictures hang on 4 kontinenten. have exhibitions in Turkey, Bangkok, Italy, USA and in almost all German cities .Last in last year in Lithuania and Sardinia. denke it the last exhibitions have been..