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 Ceramic artist

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Life Events



Senior certified instructor in art, The College of Visual Arts in Be’er Sheva  1994 – 1997

Ceramic art and design, Sapir College, the school of social art and culture 2006 -2009


Ceramics South 3, at the complex of COMME IL FAUT, Tel Aviv Port – group exhibition 2009

‘Breaking the Vessels’, group exhibition at Gedera Museum 2010

‘Matter Transition’, group exhibition, Hankin Gallery in Holon Isarel curator: Dina Kahana 2012

‘I Told You’, group exhibition, Hankin Gallery in Holon, curator: Ronit Zur  2014

Group exhibition at Sheba Medical Center, Israel. Curator: Esti Drori 2015

‘Secret Art’, Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv. Group exhibition, curators: Esti Drori and Doron Polak 2016

‘Intersection’ group exhibition, Hankin Gallery, Holon. Curator: Eva Avidar 2016

‘What do you have in you plate?’, group exhibition, The Gallery at the WIZO Haifa Academic Center, curator: Anat Gatenio 2017

‘-432’ group exhibition, By5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Yael Atzmony 2018


‘Sexties’ supplement of Ha’aretz Newspaper, about ‘I told you’ exhibition 2014

°1280C (ceramic magazine of the Israeli ceramic association) about ‘I told you’ and the group ‘Chomer Dromi’  written by Ronit Zur 2015

°1280C, Engobes are fun, by Michal Koren 2016

°1280C ‘Exhibition visits’, ‘What do you have in your plate?’ Anat Gatenio 2018



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