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Life Events

Shulamith (SHULY ) Haimsohn – Weiner , received  her Barchelor and Master degree from the Hebrew  University in Jerusalem.
She studied drawing and painting at the Bezalel school of Art , in external courses and continued her studies in art classes with some
of the best artists in Jerusalem.

Most of her paintings are oil on canvas done   with a pallet knife.  Some are mixed technique.

Shuly  Haimsohn- Weiner , has had solo and group exhibitions in all big cities in  Israel   :Jerusalem, Haifa  ,Raanana, Tiberias Yaffo, Tel Aviv.

She has also participated   in  many group exhibitions in Paris, Rome London Berlin , Wiena, Beigin, New York.

She is a member of the Association of Plastic Artists in Israel.


Artist Statement             

My paintings represent mainly figures of   children   ,women   and working people in various     places    of    the   world.

Expressions, situations, weaknesses and their struggle to break through are dear to my heart and inspiring me. I try to portray moments between people and their surrounding moments of hope, longing and emotion.

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