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Tatiana Denisova was born in Minsk, Belarus. Before her birth her grandmother stated “If you don’t name your child after me, you are not my family!” There was no arguing with her so the girl was named so. Ever since she was a little girl she loved to draw and saw the world differently. While other kids would draw circles and butterflies, she would draw angels.

Unfortunately her father did not support her interest in getting an art education, insisting that dentistry would be a better profession. Never the less her teachers came to her in her night dreams. They came in the forms of Michelangelo and Salvador Dali. Mysticism became a part of her life. Through this unseen world Tatiana wanted to pass on her teaching and express her vision. Each painting portrays a different tale.

At 9 years old she moved to Israel. During her first years there Tatiana was often sick not only in body but in spirit as well. In her dreams she saw the reason for her sickness. She went back to her art and all her troubles seemed to fade and she was well again. She understood that she could not live without art. At age 11 she had her first exhibition in Haifa, Israel during which she sold her first painting. After this she was featured in manty other exhibitions and galleries

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Her dream was to become a master artist. When she was 18 she moved back home. Over time her works began to take on strong character and unique style. Her art draws you in, inviting you to dive inside the painting. In the following years she traveled the world in constant search of further inspiration. She found her place in Miami, Florida. Here she began to have followers and students and she began to practice sculpting as well. Her hope goal is to help humanity reach a new level of spiritual awakening through her art.

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