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Gedalyahu Hortig, 63 years old – Married, father and grandfather.

All my life I have been close to art: graphic design, horticulture and complementary medicine.

At the age of 60, and since I did not find my “teacher”, I began to study painting as an autodidact through lectures and lessons on the Internet.

In my work I try to describe the processes I am going through: physical emotional, mental through universal symbols. I’m less interested in naming my works or explaining them (so most of my works are not named and arranged according to different themes or techniques), it’s far more fascinating to me to see where my personal icons meet your experience – the viewer, and what dialogue it inspires.

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30-70 gedalyahu
20-20x3 gedalyahu
רקעים 70-50
60 - 80 gef gdalyahu
40-60 gedalyahu
80-40 גדליהו
50-40 30-60x2 25 - 35 gedalyahu
60-50 gedalyahu
35-25 gedalyahu
Gedalyahu Hortig 8
Gedalyahu Hortig 6
30-60x2 25 - 35 gedalyahu
Gedalyahu Hortig 7
60-80 (2) gedalyahu
Gedalyahu Hortig 5
Gedalyahu Hortig 2
Gedalyahu Hortig 10
45-45 gedalyahu
Gedalyahu Hortig 4
25 - 35 gedalyahu
Gedalyahu Hortig 1
Gedalyahu Hortig 9
60-40 gedalyahu
60-30 gedalyahu