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Glòria Grau was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1965. She’s always been in touch with nature and with the sea.

During her life, she has been fascinated with fantasy and the images she represents  through her paintings and colors.

In her relentless search for new forms and materials; what she likes most is the freedom of the unexpected, the taste for spots, chance and the spontaneous.

Gloria’s work is influenced by the masters of impressionism like Sorolla, by her favourite artists, like Anglada Camarasa and by, in her own words: “those afternoons reading in the sun”.

But what she values and treasures most is the freedom of being able to do what she loves and how she loves to do it, in the form of beautiful women with a languid look, giant flowers or canvas full of spots, textures and colors. A relentless search for new forms and expressive colours.

Each stroke is full of memories, feelings and intimate thoughts that aim to move and touch anyone who enters this dialogue she creates with her painting. This can be appreciated in her work, like in “Diosas y columnas”, one of her main pieces that shows women holding on to each other, as the base of civilization.

Or the series “Colors of dreams” now showing at Shanghai’s Contemporary Art Gallery, China, where she represents the souls of those who are gone as soap bubbles or small colorful balls that stay suspended like fragile pieces of glass in continuous motion. An army of hundreds of this balls invade her palette and her canvas, they pile up next to each other, each one with a different shape and a different color.

For Gloria this is a sweeter way of representing this souls and a way of saying goodbye to her loved ones.

Also series like “Caminos” or “Caminos de Flores” where she develops on the idea of people choosing our own paths for the course of our life.

“It came to mind the beautiful and flowery lavender fields of the French Provence… the almond trees planted by the Caliph for her lover simulating the snow from the mountains in Cordoba, the beautiful red poppies from Girona, the golden canola fields from China, the colourful dutch tulips, the moroccan desert and its arid dunes, and so many more…” she reflects.

About her exhibitions:

Gloria Grau has been exhibiting her work at the Museum Contemporary Art Gallery Art-Plu, Shanghai, China for 4 years.

Her work has taken part on different international fairs such as the Are Fair of Nanjin 2017, the Shenzhen International Art Fair 2017, the Art On the Clouds Wuxi 2015, the East and Furious of Wuxi.

Also at the Art Industry Park, Jiangnan Gallery, at the ATC International Art&Fashion Centre Owner, Art Toy Gallery, Art Toy Center.

At the Shiba Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.

At the Alemi Gallery in León, Spain.

And at the Aula cultural association at the Centro Commercial El Corte Inglés in Spain.

She’s been part of different private collective exhibits in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Her work can be acquired through different chinese selling platforms.

Gloria has been selected by the prestigious art gallery Setdart, as one of its contemporary artists of the 21st Century.

She’s also been selected to take part in the Art Revolution Taipei of Taiwan in 2018.


Her career took an important turn when she was selected to take part in Art Revolution Taipei 2018. That gave her the opportunity to show her art in different galleries and cities of Taiwan in 2018.

Awarded with the special award at the Gallery Awards by the Art Revolution Taipei 2018 jury, won over 4986 pieces from 87 different countries, she won the power of being able to show 15 pieces of her art for free in her own stand and the promotion in Taiwan of her own series “Caminos de flores” (Paths of flowers).

Awarded in 2019 cultural promotion award for being the Art Director for two years of La Nit de l’Art a Calafell.

2018 y 2019 Participate in KOREA.  5Th.  International Art Festival.

 “Peace and freedom” in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum.

In 2019 he exhibits his works in Taiwan Gallery X-Power.

2020 TAIWAN.  Invited again to participate in the International Art Revolutión Taipei Fair.

2020 CHINA.  Invited to participate in a new cultural project with the Gallery Art Plu in Cali, Guizhou.


She is in touch with her audience through her web page where she posts updates on the creative process of her work and the expositions or events she attends.

She lives and has her own studio in Calafell, Tarragona, in front of the sea.

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