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Who we are

The World Virtual Museum (WVM), was founded in may 2018 by Adi lasri  Founder & director of the Virtual Museum, in memory of the Holocaust survivor Miss Elsa Langer (1933-2018), which was a great artist who did not become famous and did not really get a chance in her life, to reap the fruits of her amazing works of art.

Within the World Virtual Museum, artists & art collectors from all over the world are invited to publish and display their works of art to the general public and share the stories that stand behind their works.

In the modern era, due to technological development, the Virtual Museum has many advantages, such as:

*Accessibility – the world virtual museum is accessible online, without limit to place or time.

*Dynamism – The virtual museum is a dynamic tool. His exhibitions change occasionally and are easily accessible to the general public. The dynamism of the virtual museum makes it an online institution capable of responding to developments in the art world and to changes in the modern life.

*The World Virtual Museum also constitute an interface for social connections between artists around the world and among the art-loving crowd.