Halil Parmakci


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Life Events

He was born in 1958 in Bursa. After attending to the second year of Bursa Atatürk High School, he started to deal with trade. His interest in art was mainly in music when he was a teenager. During his military service, he played the clarinet in the band. Following his military service, his interest in art remained in the foreground as a result of the intensity brought by his working life. He married in 1985 and started living in Saudi Arabia. Starting to live abroad also led to the emergence of his interest and talent towards the art of painting. He started to draw maps and similar educational pictures that were used in school lessons. Later he professionally produced educational pictures including human, animal and plant anatomy, detailing internal and external organs. In addition to this, there were model works about a place or event. While working as a professional, he started to draw oil paintings. With the decrease in the demand for painting and models for educational purposes, he concentrated on oil painting. In addition to drawings for the demands of galleries and buyers, he also started to produce his own designs. For more than fifteen years, it has been continuing its work by adopting a unique style. Halil Parmakçı, who has come to life with the art of painting and continues to live with it, wants to continue this work as long as his health permits.

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