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Rachel Tucker-Shynes artist


rachel tucker


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Rachel Tucker-Shynes was Born in the city of Tel Aviv and is the fifth generation to its founders, she is a multi-discipline plastics artist, an Avid Painter, a sculpture, as well as a Poet.

Rachel creates in a variety of techniques and materials. Her paintings, sketches,

stained glass art and sculptures range from Figurative to Naïve to Abstract.

The materials, colors, shapes, her words and the way she puts them together invite a glimpse into Rachel’s intriguing and personal world. The characters in her paintings and poems look, touch, dance, lives and especially gives space to a mature, colorful voice. Her unique perspective on nature, on relationships between him and her, make you stop for a moment in our daily rat race to take look inside.

Rachel studied graphics, sketching and painting in college with teachers and different art masters and each of them contributed to the opening of another window in her so private world.

Her works have been exhibited in many art exhibitions and various galleries, the Artist’s House in Haifa, the Jerusalem Cinematheque and the Jerusalem Theater, the ‘Habimah’ Theater and more recently, a solo exhibition at the ‘Tel Aviv University’

Her poems, paintings, Sketches Staind glass art and photographs were published in various literary journals such as “Biglal”,   “Social Poetry”,  “Between Purple and Pale Blue” and different anthologies.

Rachel published a children’s book “Nuly the Lazy Ant” and a book of poems “depending on the situation and the mood.” A recent album published in 2018 by Steimatzky, ‘ART FOR PEOPLE ‘  ‘An Israeli Art’, in which her works are exhibited among other selected Israeli artists.

Rachel is a member of the Association of Plastic Artists, the Association of Painters and Sculptors and the Hebrew Writers Association.

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