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Life Events

I am a Romanian artist, living and working in Brasov, Romania.
I don’t have art studies, but I owe very much of what I know to my husband Gyuri Lohmuller, a well known artist.
I work mostly in oil on canvas. I prefer themes like love, childhood, spirituality, history. I work mostly in a surrealistic/ symbolistic style. I like to express emotions like struggle, sadness, emptiness  through one’s expression.
I also enjoy vintage scenes, which make me feel nostalgic and I try to bring out that past times, the lost innocence and joy of life which I don’t find nowadays. I try to bring out the beauty of old street scenes, people having fun, enjoying life as it is.
Through my symbolic paintings, I’m trying to show the world in other manner, as I see it. Thus, I bring together nostalgic figures in a restrictive, closed environment, to show their lack of freedom. Or,  sometimes, my characters are searching for the lost world of childhood.
I prefer working in oil on canvas, in a traditional manner. I don’t use collage or other techniques.
Some other subjects I painted are: landscapes (I always search for a beautiful light, for the moment of the day when everything is alive, when nature talks, and sings and dance), portraits (commissioned portraits), or still life.
In a landscape, I search for a beautiful sunshine, a beautiful shadow or an interesting pallette. I look  for different periods of the day, different lights and beautiful shadows. Sometimes a single color or the change in one tone of the sky reminds me of  something or transports me in a state where I feel all sort of emotions.

In a still life, I enjoy the beautiful shadows, reflections of glass or the interesting nuances of different objects. I also like high contrasted objects or flowers with lots of shine. I try to get immortalised present spaces, a nice and warm atmosphere, an elegant arrangement.


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Grammy s magical place

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