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The artistic poetry in your work is very interesting, tell us something about it.

oman is poetry by nature. Portrait of a woman is the major League in the painting.When in the hands is camera,
and in mind is the design of the picture, comes a delightful event-a photo shoot.This activity is so amazing that it quickly becomes obsession.
A novice photographer quickly realizes that he does not know how to photograph.So I had to take paid master classes by of three
the best photographers in Russia.Comparing these masters I realized that between them there is nothing in common.The mechanical method
is absolutely individual.It cannot be copied, only theoretical reflections can be assimilated.Individuality is formed personal experience,
books, music…quality depends on the overall level of culture.I noticed that successful shots are obtained by accident,
despite my best efforts.
My poetry-Belief in Miracle, hope on successful shoot, hope that in the process processing will be formed an unexpected Image.

BOSONA: Women are your inspiration, who are your models?

The first two years I photographed only my wife, then she brought her friends, they brought their own. Women like to be photographed.
After I began
to offer photo shoots to professional models, but they are serious and cold, but they know how to fold their fingers beautifully.When the number of models
closer to 60.I stopped shooting, material accumulated for several lives.

BOSONA: How you manage to make a good composition with an extraordinary scenography and costume design. For this act, it is not only a talent, but a necessary
arts education is needed.
BOSONA: Who were your role models, your own teachers?

I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, but hardly worked by profession.Life has brought me into the midst of artists.As a technical officer I serviced

Artistic board. At which masters discussed painting and graphics, accepted or rejected paintings.. I listened carefully for 9 years.I got two the most valuable lesson
A well-known graphic artist and the Chairman of the Council, rejecting my work, said that he did not see me as an artist.He was right.I knew I needed a tune,
the arrangement
is secondary.The second lesson was given to me by the academician of Soviet painting. He explained that the human head is very weak and complex tasks need to be segmented and
solve piece by piece.But with special piety I remember my friend, he was a genius of color.I have never been able to come close to his results, although he explained to me
as it should.

BOSONA: How did you opt for photography and art?

I am a miserable poor man who has started to touch the magical world of digital painting.Very soon there will be digital geniuses Klimts and Matisses.My work is a
guide for beginners artists – how to create a sketch of a picture from a photo.

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