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Life Events

Anatoly Rozhansky was born in 1951. He received professional education at the Minsk Art College and at the Lviv Academy of Graphics and Printing. He participated in many exhibitions in Ukraine, Germany, Israel. Since 2001, Anatoly lives and works in Germany.

The artist’s picturesque manner is based on a synthesis of classical and postmodern traditions. Many works are in private collections.

His paintings, painted with mastery in a mixed tradition of realism and postmodernism, attract with their colorfulness and romanticism, the desire to find beauty in the ordinary, to look into the essence of the image and thus invite the viewer to think and co-exist. The artist willingly transfers his knowledge to other art lovers who want to study painting.

The artist presents many abstract philosophical paintings, fantasies and metaphors using female images

Women on the canvases of Anatoly Rozhansky occupy a special place. This is the desire to reflect grace and intrigue, a riddle and the eternal attraction of female nature.

Still lifes as natural phenomena accidentally seen are presented in natural form. This is an image of an old violin and branches with apples as a divine gift of natural nature and branches of lilac and flowers, like the remnants of paradise on Earth.

Anatoly mainly uses bright colors, giving optimism and romanticism, a sublimity that distracts us from the grayness and pessimism of this world.


The artist says: I love what I do and romanticize the ordinary.

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