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Life Events

Dmitry Lytovka was born in 1975 in the Riwne City, Ukraine.

He was passionate about art and painting from an early age. Lytovka is self-taught. By 2001 he came into his own as an artist and launched his career. Lytovka has established partnerrelations with a range of Ukrainian contemporary art galleries located in Riwne and Kyiv, as well as galleries in Warsaw, Poland, galleries in Germany (Munich, Görlitz), and in Košice,Slovakia.

His artwork could be found in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, US, Canada, France, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, and Austria.

Lytovka has been a frequent exhibition participant; he has also launched a number of solo exhibitions, namely:

1. International Exhibition and Artwork Contest: “Christmas”– the ZUZA Gallery, Riwne, 2007
2. Artwork Exhibition: “World born out of imagination” –The Slavic Studies Institute, Riwne, 2008
3. International Exhibition and Artwork Contest: “Christmas”– the ZUZA Gallery, Riwne, 2008
4. International Exhibition and Artwork Contest: “Christmas”– the ZUZA Gallery, Riwne, 2009
5. The Golden Art Salon: “The Golden ZUZA”, Riwne, 2010
6. The Euro Art Gallery on New Year’s Eve — Art Exhibition,Riwne, 2011
7. The Artbox Gallery — Solo Exhibition, Kyiv, 2013
8. Participated as an artist in the production of the “Free” music video, 2013
9. Participated in artistic workshops in the framework of a bicycle parade
organised in cooperation with local libraries, Riwne, 2013
10. The Artbox Gallery — Solo Art Exhibition, Kyiv, 2015
11. The Artbox Gallery – Collective Exhibition: “The Autumn Mood! 2016”, Kyiv
12. Galerie Alena, Art Exhibition, Görlitz, Germany, 2016
13. International Art Exhibition: ARTFEST 2016, ČeskéBudějovice, the Czech Republic
14. International Collective Art Exhibition: “All colours of nature”, Warsaw, Poland, 2016
15. Participant of the DARTE Auction, Slovakia, 2020.

In 2015 Lytovka has relocated to Kyiv and now lives in Ukraine’s capital city. That same year also marked the start of his cooperation with Helen Daniluk, an art dealer; which resulted in forming working relations with art galleries in Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Munich, Görlitz), and Slovakia(Košice).

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