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Gisela Hammer


Gisela Hammer


Life Events

Grown up in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria/Germany
Working as a creative in the Marketing business.
Since 1996 I have been working as a self-taught artist

in my own studios in Gaimersheim/Germany and Mallorca / Spain


To transport the deep sensations out of the inner imagination – this is the beginning of the process of creating my paintings, in which often human beings are the focus. Momentary impressions, which are deeply memorised, are the basis for the painting process. Layer by layer sensed, elaborated, viewed, but also rejected and re-developed. Every layer, even if it seems hidden, remains an important part of the painting, strengthens the expressive power, conveys profundity, and always opens up new discoveries to the viewer. With the same intensity and sensitivity, I open up my new series Nature and show details and facets with my eyes, with my senses.


Maxim Kantor, Russian Painter:

« …Gisela’s colours are extremely vivid and bright. She uses them in a free and spontaneous manner, in the tradition of German Expressionism (we can think of Nolde or Kirchner) but also in the tradition of open direct speech — which has almost been forgotten today….. »



2018 : 3rd Price at International Artes ArtAward Turin/Italy

2016 : 1st Price at International Egon-Schiele-Art Competition, Budweis Czech


2014:  awarded at 1. Internation. Artaward SATURA, Genoa/Italy

Awarded at 19. National Artaward SATURA, Genoa/Italy

2013: 3rd Price at International Art-Award „Chai du Terral“,




Exhibitions and Events:

In Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Tunesia, Greece, Armenia, Dubai/VAE, USA, Korea, Singapore



Works in public collections :

Bundeskanzleramt Berlin/Germany

Pinakothek Arte Contemporanea Ripa Teatina, Chieti/Italy

Townhall Innsbruck/Austria

Townhall Gaimersheim/Germany

Haegeumgang Museum Korea

Machanents Culture Center, Ejmiatsin/Armenia

Khoren-Der-Harootian Museum Ejmiatsin/Armenia

UNESCO Gallery Zervas Patras and Athens/Greece

Culture Center Monastir/Tunesia/Ministery of Culture Tunesia

New artwork for sale in the museum shop

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14-43. Helina. 80x80 cm

Helina. 80x80 cm

17-8. Jamila. 80x80 cm

17-8. Jamila. 80x80 cm

19-9. Power of Nature. 100x80 cm

Power of Nature. 100x80 cm

17-16. Spieler 80x100 cm

Spieler 80x100 cm

19-19. Kulisse Natur. Scenery Nature.100x120 cm

Kulisse Natur. Scenery Nature.100x120 cm

15-40. Mr. Cool 80x100 cm

Mr. Cool 80x100 cm

18-9. Theater.Theater. 100x80 cm

Theater.Theater. 100x80 cm

20-3. Der Zukunftversteher. Understanding the Future. 100x80.

Der Zukunftversteher. Understanding the Future. 100x80.

16-47. Hommage to Pink. 80x60cm

Hommage to Pink. 80x60cm

19-18. Kulisse Natur. Scenery Nature.140x100 cm

Kulisse Natur. Scenery Nature.140x100 cm
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