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Jan loved to draw and paint when he was a child already and has returned to his passion for the arts as soon as his career in the medical sector ended, at the beginning of the 2000 s. He then began a five year training at the Gooise  Academy of Laren where he got teaching in various techniques, graphic and visual

He restarted his career in oil painting ,which he thoroughly enjoys, and the trading it for the watercolor two years later after following some masterclasses.

He was so in love with this technique, that he never changed more until nowadays.

Jan is driven by the pleasure he finds in recreating atmosphere and lights found in the land and seascapes around him. He enjoys representing urban settings and maritime subjects.

Using different tones and shadings, the painter commits to capturing the beauty that inhabits the places he visits, giving them a sensitivity that is doubled with a latent poetry , which he strives to communicate with the viewer.

Since 2015 Jan has been a committee member of the Dutch Branch of the International Watercolor Society (IWS) – a non-profit organization devoted to promote watercolor- and has participated in many collective events that enabled him to share his works all around the world.

In addition, he teaches his passion and skills to many amateurs by offering classes and workshops ,did win a lot of prestigious awards and published in several well known magazines.

By devoting himself daily and consistently to the perfection and transmission of his technique ,the artist earned the prestigious title of “Master” in the international organization of IWS World in April 2017



Nomination painting of the year 2015

Hahnemuhle first price 2017

Honorable award IWS Pakistan 2017

Gawa Finalist award 2018

Exhibition price Galleria Esde, Sardegna 2018

First price Gawa  landscpapes 2019

Finalist galleria Esde 2019

Finalist Sareh’s Gallery, Moscow 2019

Silver Award Mondial Art Academy 2020

Nomination Fabriano 2020 biennale contest




Book: Cohen’s choice

Book: Contemporary artists vol. V111

Pratique des Arts magazine

IWS Magazine

Atelier magazine

Art of Watercolor magazine

L’art de l’Aquarelle magazine

Book: Watercolor Secrets.





de Amstel

de Amstel

Walking on de Wadden Jan Min Netherlands 35 x 50 cm € 950

Walking on de Wadden_Jan Min_Netherlands_35 x 50 cm € 950

Evening Glow 56 x38 Netherlands € 1050

Evening Glow_56 x38_ Jan Min_ Netherlands€ 1050

British Columbia 38 x 56 € 950

British Columbia _38 x 56 _€ 950

the cabin Jan Min 28 x 38 cm € 950

the cabin_Jan Min_ 28 x 38 cm € 950

Arctic morning Netherlands 35 x 50 € 1095cm

Jan Min_Arctic morning_Netherlands_35 x 50 € 1095cm

Sundown at Terschelling Netherlands € 950

Sundown at Terschelling _Jan Min Netherlands € 950

light and hope

light and hope

Fishing Time... Netherlands 38 x 56 cm€ 1050


Terschelling harbour ,autumn morning 8 x 56 cm Netherlands € 995

Happy walk Netherlands 38 x 56 cm € 950