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Kakha Esebua – was born on 13th of May in 1964, Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduate of the Theatre and Film State University, production director faculty. Creates tales and short movies, performed several private exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. His arts are stored in private collections in different countries. This direction could be attributed to Postavantgardeism where plot is creating with use of combined elements of Surrealism and Dadaism in illogical manner. Generally art is created by connection of allusion and paradoxical forms with sophisticated taste and high technical performance. Connection of absurd, opposing subjects and forms occur organically. One of the general characteristics of above mentioned art is irrationality and symbolism. The deep psychological side of art is an artist expressive fantasy statement, to motivate viewer’s deep interest for life and human nature. Combination of sharp and bright colors make viewer’s feel positively. He has some etudes according to his own scenario shot by him. Works on the advertising rollers. In 2000 he arranged two personal art exhibitions in the National Art Gallery and in 2002 in the Baia Art Gallery. Some telecasts were devoted to his creations on Georgian TV channels. His paintings are in : Russia, France, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Itali, Usa, Estonia, Japan and England private collections. Personal exhibitions: 2000-National art gallery 2002- Baia gallery

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