Gulyás László




Life Events

Born in 1960 in Budapest.

He graduated from the College of Fine Arts and Applied Arts with a degree in Advertising Graphics and from 1983 to 1987 he was a student at the College of Fine Arts with a degree in Reproduction.

In addition to the painter’s father’s inspirational journey, it is primarily under the universal influence of Rembrandt’s paintings that he develops his personal visual world and learns the techniques of the great old masters.

This is what sets him apart from most of his contemporaries.

He is not interested in eliminating painting or documenting his agony, but in surviving the great tradition.

In particular, his pictures of family life and harmony show the highest values ​​of his unfolding talent.

Hungarian culture has always been authenticated by professionalism and integrity, respect for traditions and depth.

This is typical of László Gulyás. In our world of Harsány, not only can his picturesque presentation be encouraging, but the profound humanness of his subject matter and the loving atmosphere he displays in his pictures.

It often displays the purity of the child’s soul, the thoughtfulness of a beautifully frowned face, and the cheerful sadness of a clown. In addition to the external similarity in his portraits, he successfully digs into the deeper layers of individuality and character.

He is especially prepared to apply light-shadow effects, during which he can make feats.

In addition, the conscious counterpoint of cold and warm colors, which serves to represent the spatial effect, represents a picturesque beauty.

In addition to its harmonious colors, it has an exceptional line culture with a palpable skill. (Art writer Balázs Feledy)